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Friday, May 16, 2008

We Got The Funk

Over all this is a sort of "beginner's guide" to funk, or more precisely to disco-funk.
this is designed with your booty in full shakedown mode.
At almost 60 tracks (56 really) all in all, this is a fair amount, and each CD is sorted by genre.

Disk 1 goes for the big time floor fillers, starting with the magnificent “We Got The Funk” by Positive force. I’ve heard Danny Krivit open a set with this gem, and boy does it still carry. I’m still hurting :)
Other noted tracks there would be Atmosfear's “Dancing in outer space”, a deeply moving spacey disco track, Osibisia's Sunshine Day and a great live version of Mayfield’s “Freddy's Dead”.
a good solid vocal start the party mood settles over me when i let it play.

disk 2 is mainly about the mellower funk, even though it contains some party corkers - Jimmy James' “I Am Somebody” is one - and worth the entire CD IMO. Add to that the Brothers and Sisters version of “All along the watchtower” and you’ll get the shakes.

disk 3 starts with a great Angie Brown (not to be confused with stone) that does a proto rap/ early disco tune that will mix with rappers delight easily. See, writing this helps me tracklist my next dj set.
Continuing with Johnny “guitar” Watson's “I need it”, Roy ayers' “running away” (a seminal disco funk tune) done live, and more, this is disco funk at its best, but just as you think you have heard it all it arrives when Ruth Copeland does the stones' Gimme Shelter.
if i had to buy the entire set just for this one tune, which i happen to have done, i would do it again.
8.01 minutes of pure dancefloor magic, and it has the LONGEST EVER break. Great for bars, but sadly i cant use it while clubbing.

Over all, the feel is a that of a complete set of funk, oriented towards the more danceable area of disco and soul.
if you’re down, and feeling blue… just pick it, and turn it loose!

*regrettably the tracks are all WMAs, but they work just fine.

You can also check out the tunes on AMG: HERE

or buy it: HERE

almost forgot to let you see the track list.

Disc: 1
1. We Got the Funk - Positive Force
2. Real Mother for You - Johnny "Guitar" Watson
3. Unhooked Generation - Freda Payne
4. Crumbs Off the Table - Laura Lee
5. Sunday Morning People - Honey Cone
6. Nija Walk - The Fatback Band
7. 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (Blow Your Whistle) - The Rimshots
8. Hypertension - Calender
9. Dancing in Outer Space - Atmosfear
10. Black Is So Bad - Lonnie Youngblood
11. How's Your Loose Booty? - Mutiny
12. Sunshine Day - Osibisa
13. Message - Cymande
14. Come in out of the Rain - Parliament
15. Baby Don't Leave Me [Instrumental] - Holland-Dozier-Holland
16. You've Got to Keep on Bumping - Kay-Gee's
17. Dance to the Music - The Whatnauts
18. Freddie's Dead - Curtis Mayfield
19. Be Thankful for What You've Got - William DeVaughn

Disc: 2
1. Matrix - Dizzy Gillespie
2. Brother on the Run (Opening) - Johnny Pate
3. Diamonds - Roy Budd
4. Cheba - 8th Day
5. Street Dance - The Fatback Band
6. Filet de Soul - Flaming Ember
7. I Am Somebody - Jimmy James & the Vagabonds
8. Brothers on the Slide - Cymande
9. Women's Love Rights - Laura Lee
10. Mother Misery's Favourite Child - Freda Payne
11. Dance Girl - The Rimshots
12. Why Can't People Be Colours Too - The Whatnauts
13. Chic-A-Boom - Pazant Brothers
14. World We Live In - The Politicians
15. Get Down - Kay-Gee's
16. Bump Your Lady - Natural High
17. All Along the Watchtower - Brothers & Sisters
18. Finder's Keepers - Chairmen of the Board
19. Surrender - Black Ivory

Disc: 3
1. Funk You Up - Angie Brown, The Sequence
2. I Need It - Johnny "Guitar" Watson
3. Running Away [Live] - Roy Ayers
4. Funkanova - Wood, Brass and Steel
5. In the Bottle - Brother to Brother
6. Zone - Rhythm Makers
7. I Call My Baby Pussycat - Parliament
8. Goin' to See My Baby - The Fatback Band
9. Is It Funky Enough? - The Communicators
10. Rock Steady - Julius Brockington
11. Funky 8 Corners - Willie & the Mighty Magnificents
12. Bra - Cymande
13. Nuff Boogie - The Moments
14. Bump - Everyday People, The Everyday People
15. Loose Booty - Gentlemen and their ladies
16. Free Your Mind - The Politicians
17. Life and Death [Single Edit] - Chairmen of the Board
18. Gimme Shelter - Ruth Copeland

We Got The Funk - Disk 1
We Got The Funk - Disk 2
We Got The Funk - Disk 3

enjoy, Soul Warrior


Anonymous said...

It appears that Dic 2 and 3 are the same any chance of Disc 3 please
Great Blog btw

Anonymous said...

Yes, same here.

2 and 3 both contain the files for 2.

soul warrior said...

will be fixing the error.
sorry about that.
soul warrior.

b4rfLy said...

hey soul warrior, nice post

can you upload the album covers as well? would be nice for the blog to be uniform not to mention that most of us are used to flatsoul's way of posting


Anonymous said...


if you go to the link at the end of the description, the one that says 'AMG: HERE' you will find a page with the cover art on it.

soul warrior said...

like anonymous said :D
still working out the adding coverwork.
doesnt seem to want to seem visible to me.
ill fix it when i next post.

b4rfLy said...

i've seen the link, but a cover loaded on the main page is better, not only for reasons of aesthetics (style counts!) but also to seperate different posts in the naked eye (otherwise it's like a soup, c'mon you've seen blogs like that)

i know you're doing your best man, just here for some suggestions, keep up the good work!

funkme said...

yeah b4rfly's right all the way ,give us some covers baby!!

SpankyMonkey said...

Some great stuff here - wating on that 3rd album tho'! Have you started posting stuff yourselves then?

The moral dilemmas...

Spanky of Spanky's Underscovered blog

soul warrior said...

disk 3 - reuploaded

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the re-up

jahcisco said...

thanks for sharing.

mordecai said...

WMAs ...booooo. :(

freakshow said...

thanx brother, keepies uppies, keep supporting the community