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Sunday, May 25, 2008


Hailing from Israel, this 8 piece super group is made up out of hand picked, Top of the line, nationally known and respected musicians. In the back, stands a killer tight rhythm section that can make mountains move, A mean brass section that shines on every beat and in the front, A pure entertainer, who takes the audience on a journey with his velvet sound voice and mega charismatic appearance. Bringing fresh and edgy sound that relies on the sources of funk bands from the past Funk'n'stein The Band are using their uncompromising groove to raise a shout and make a change.

I put in a video for you to enjoy.
HERE its a great tune that has actually made some spalshes overseas (e.g. over at your local funk scene)

Did i mention they are a new band? out on tour for only a few years, they are possibly in the top 5 funk acts of Israel.
I will try to provide albums from the other 4 in the nearby future, so stay tuned!

FUNK'N'STEIN The Band (2006 Blue Sun Ltd)

CD 1 - the album
1. funky mission
3.choose your way
4. i want your love
5. remember me
6. on the hook (interlude)
7. dog and cat
8. so long
9. smoothing'
10. people want more
11. *funkey
12. the morning rush
13. mash low me
14. the road (interlude)
15. WGTA (reprise)
16. always

CD 2 - bonous cd
1. intro
2. war and pain
3. come and join me
4. celebrate your mind
5. the getaway (interlude)
6. hyperbeatle (jam)
7. monkey polititian
8. good to be dead
9. mash low me (part 2)
10. coffee (interlude)
11. so long
12. umbrella cocktail
13. found and lost (jam)
14. i want your love
15. filling the cracks (jam)
16. on the edge (interlude)
17. water trip (jam)


soul warrior said...

blasted info i typed keeps being invisible. but it is there, just below the picture.
hope ya'll enjoy this (even if it aint Jazzy, ;)

Anonymous said...


great blog, great band from israel!!



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