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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jimmy Smith - The Best of the BLUE NOTE Years

taken from an AMAZON review (where you can also buy it - HERE)
Jimmy Smith, the reigning B3 player of all time, was instrumental in ushering in the soul-jazz genre. These cuts show off his talents and the talents of his formidable sidemen. Mostly cuts from 56-60, with one from the 80's, they include some of his best solo work and his blazing speed. The Sermon and Back at the Chicken Shack and The Champ all show why Jimmy Smith reigns supreme and proves that his work influenced much of the music of the 60s and 70s. The end of The Champ could be confused as an Emerson, Lake and Palmer cut! If you've never heard Jimmy Smith before, this is the perfect album to get into his music.
i have nothing interesting to add to this, so....

tracklist (short and sweet)
1. The sermon
2. fungi mama
3. when jhonny comes marching home
4. jumping the blues
5. back at the chicken shack
6. the champ
7. all day long

get it here:


WeBuilTArks said...

Wow, Jimmy Smith rocks man, awesome hammond player, i have his classics but not this one, thanks soulwarrior

soul warrior said...

its a compilation of his works.
wait a few more weeks, i will add lots more.
but im in a trumpet mood these days, so expect more horns.... SOON

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Blues is not my favorite kind of music, but Jimmy Smith has someting special. His music make me feel relax and energetic at the same time. it's a weird sensation.