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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Saravah Soul - Saravah Soul (2007)

Since this is my first post on ''flat soul spreading'' i would like to thanks 'flatsoul' inviting me to this music supportive effort. The purpose i joined this team is my love for groovy sexy music (ru considering a better reason?). My groovy greetings to soulwarrior funkmaster and jon and to all of you. Hope you enjoy music.
Here we go, first post with an album that i love very very much.
Saravah Soul coming from brazil and their self titled album is their debut.
Half brazilian half british with lyrics both in english and portuguese they move along brazil funk and late 60s funk.
Absolutely mindblowing, grab 'em and give your speakers a hard time

Saravah Soul was created to showcase a highly addictive style of late 60’s Brazilian soul-funk and samba and create an exciting and original live flavour. Talented front man, Frontman Otto Nascarella, from Curitiba in Brazil, combines the showmanship of James Brown with modern breakdance styles, whilst playing guitar and pandeiro; Bass virtuoso Matheus Nova has performed with the likes of Brazilian samba divas Elza Soares and Alcione. Kiris Houston on keys and guitar has worked with top soul artists including Jocelyn Brown and Estelle. Eduardo Marques is one of the most in demand Brazilian drummers in London, and works with top Brazilian artists such as Ed Motta. Percussionist/flautist Jack Yglesias is legendary on the contemporary funk scene, having played with The Poets of Rhythm, Lee Fields, The Soul Destroyers, Quantic Soul Orchestra and Spanky Wilson. The horn section is led by the sax player Marcelo Andrade, who also plays on Jazzinho (Freestyle Records).
Take a look here

Saravah Soul (Tru Thoughts 2008)

Track list
01. Oil Is Thicker Than Blood
02. Nao Posso Te Levar A Serio
03. It's Doing My Head In
04. Arroz Com Feijao
05. Funk E Saravah
06. Roubada
07. Role De Bike
08. Supersossego
09. Homesick
10. It's Doing My Head In (Instrumental)



Funkmaster said...

thanks for your greetings. hope we have a niche time bringin godd funky music to the peoples

soul warrior said...

very nice first post.
he moves like a wave of water.

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