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Monday, May 26, 2008

Kon & Amir

Kon & Amir

Not long ago Flatsoul brought us "Kings Of Diggin" another great Kon & Amir compilation.
Like legendary treasure-hunters, Kon & Amir have spent the past twenty-five years excavating records bins finding gems to pierce ears with. Fortunately, everyone gets to share in the riches of their labor with the release of their latest offering "The Off Track" Series; Long forgotten musicians are now getting their proper dues and appreciative audiences are being turned on to some amazing music.

Famous voices:

"Kon & Amir" are two of the most extraordinary but underrated beat diggers in the game" - Lord Finesse

"Kon & Amir are legends in the beat digging game. Their compilations and mixtapes are classic and represent a style of Djing that`s true to the essence of Hip-Hop" - A-Track

Kon & Amir - The Cleaning

Kon & Amir - The Cleaning, don`t know what i should say about it, great funky music, i think it`s a must have for everyone how is int crate digging, and it is a must have for everyone how loves good funky music of artists he never heard about, too.


1.) Standart Of Living - Cut Up Mr. Kool - (4:14)
2.) Hudson People - Trip To Your Mind - (5:12)
3.) David Bendeth - Feel The Real - (3:54)
4.) Symbol 8 - I Thought You Wanted To Dance - (3:06)
5.) Jackson & The Natural Experience - Microwave Boogie - (7:52)
6.) ??? - Pistol - (2:51)
7.) Milton Wright - Get No Lovin` Tonight - (3:59)
8.) Mighty Ryders - Evil Vibration - (3:19)
9.) James Mason - Sweet Power - (5:04)
10.) Leon Ware - California - (3:21)
11.) Jade - Music Slave - (3:21)
12.) Karin Jones - Here I Go Again - (3:41)

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Kon & Amir - Off Tracks Vol.1 (The Bronx)
+ 9 Exclusiv Bonus Tracks

Kon & Amir accepted a five record deal with BBE/Rapster to begin the Off Tracks series, wich builds off the successes of their highly respected On Tracks series. Unlike the On Tracks series which featured short snippets of samples and breaks, the Off Tracks double disc series features full versions of some of the best and rarest audible gems in their entirety. On one disc, Kon serves up extraordinary dance music (modern soul, boogie and disco) while Amir rounds out the sonic odyssey with rare, private press jazz selections from the 70`s on the other disc.

Off Tracks Vol. 2 (Queens) coming out June 24, 2008.
You can Pre-Order it here.


1.) Homebrew - Once I Had A Friend (Kon`s Quick Edit) - (5:01)
2.) Garden Of Eden - Everybody`s On A Trp (Kon`s Edit) - (3:48)
3.) Sundown - Spaced Outta Place, Pts. 1&2 - (6:08)
4.) Darryl Douglas - Holding On (Kon`s Edit) - (6:03)
5.) Quest - Boy Scouts - (6:08)
6.) S.T.U.D. Band - Success - (2:55)
7.) Materforce - Don`t Fight The Feeling (Kon`s Edit) - (7:27)
8.) Imp Express - 8-1 - (5:02)
9.) Steel City Orchestra - Steel City Disco (Kon`s Edit) - (5:18)
10.) Jacqueline & Johnnie Walker - Farewell To Welfare - (5:18)
11.) Larry And The Exciters - Dreaming A Dream (Kon`s Edit) - (4:39)
12.) Le Stim - Tribute To Muhammad Ali (Kon`s Quick Mix) - (5:39)
13.) Jorge Santana - Darling I Love You (Kon`S Edit) - (6:14)
14.) Round Robin And Brimstone - Plenty Good Lovin` - (5:55)
15.) Patt Britt - Herman`s Corner - (3:16)
16.) Horselmat - Right On - (7:53)
17.) Vincent Geminiani - Insideieusement Les Eles - (3:07)
18.) The London Experimental Jazz Quartet - Destroy The Nihilist Picnic - (2:17)
19.) Zelia Barbosa - Opiniao - (2:17)
20.) Ex Pro Ovo - What`s The Deal - (4:25)
21.) GBEQT0720124 - Gerry`s Samba - (6:20)
22.) Sathima Bea Benjamin - Africa - (7:59)
23.) Marius Cultier - Nestor: Ti Patte - (2:58)
24.) The Ed Kelly Ensemble - Samba - (5:44)
25.) Melvyn Price - Voodoo Love Dance - (6:08)
26.) The Lamont Johnson Sextette - Aces - (6:19)
27.) Larry Nozero - Tune for L.N. - (5:41)
28.) Anita Moore And The TSU Jazz Ensemble - Compared to What? - (3:17)
29.) Adolphe Parillion - Country ( Bonus Track) - (3:47)
30.) Quintette Guinenne -Douga (Bonus Track) - (3:30)
31.) Ted Coleman Band - Due Consideration (Bonus Track) - (3:14)
32.) Juan Demonio - Esto Me Gusto (Bonus Track) - (2:38)
33.) The Baron Von Ohlen Quartet - Tregiversation (The Whistle Song) (Bonus Track) - (3:34)
34.) Executive Suite - When It Comes to Loving Me (Bonus Track) - (5:48)
35.) Claudio Mederies - Soar (Bonus Track) - (6:07)
36.) Matthew Cassell - Heaven (Bonus Track) - (3:36)
37.) The Black Souls - Baki Mutane Nakuka (Black People Crying) (Bonus Track) - (3:32)

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Enjoy, Funkmaster


jerome green said...

Hi Funkmaster,

Thank you for all the excellent work! It is much appreciated. I have a number of BBE cds as well as BBE vinyl, but I always wanted to hear the Kon & Amir stuff. Thanks again,

Peace, Jerome

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