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Monday, May 19, 2008

Demon Fuzz - Afreaka!

Demon Fuzz - Afreaka!

This is my first post for "A Flat Soul Spreading" and before i excuse for my horrible english because english isn`t my mother-tongue.

To get an good start i will give "Demon Fuzz - Afreaka!" to you, one of the greatest LP`s of the 70`s. Demon Fuzz an UK group that existed only for 8 months, their sound is a mix of dub-heavy funk, afro jazz, and a bit of jazz rock jamming. Their tracks are all long and stretched out with lots of organ, sax , and spaced out drums.


1.) Past Present And Future - (9:53)
2.) Disillusioned Man - (4:57)
3.) Another Country - (8:32)
4.) Hymn To Mother Earth - (8:11)
5.) Mercy (Variation No. 1) - (9:39)
6.) I Put A Spell On You - (3:55)
7.) Message To Mankind - (3:53)
8.) Fuzz Oriental Blues - (6:48)

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Enjoy, Funkmaster


flatsoul said...

Very interesting stuff!!It reminds a lot the 70's prog-psyche rock but in a more groovy way ...Nice post funkmaster !

Funkmaster said...


Anonymous said...

I was looking for this record. It's difficult to find. Thanks for posting this. I fell in love with their cover of "I put a Spell on You," and really wanted to get this album.

canouanmusic said...

I am DEMON FUZZ (Paddy Corea) Let me set the record straight. We existed over 2 years NOT 8 Mths. Most of our material was original & written by us. I did all the musical arrangements. We have 2 albums (CD's) AFREAKA & Roots & Offshoots. See Youtube Demon Fuzz for our profiles (several) Thanks
Paddy Corea Queens NY USA

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I love this jazzy album ! Is this African fusion or stuff... I'm very confused about it...

Anonymous said...

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