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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Funk Drops Compilation

Funk Drops -- Breaks, Nuggets, & Rarities (Warner 2001)

A selection of Warner Brothers-related funk -- but featuring some killer numbers that move way past the hits! This is one of the funkiest compilations we've ever heard from a major label -- and it's proof that deep down in their catalogs, the majors were working just as hard as the indies to come up with some killer slabs of funk, as you'll hear in this set of 20 gems recorded between the years 1968 and 1974! Many of these numbers were only issued on 45s -- or on long out of print LPs -- and even though there's a few numbers on here that you may know, the set's also got a number of others that you probably don't, as it even surprised us with some of its funky goodies! Titles include "Getting Uptown" by United 8, "Don't Come Around Here Anymore" by Mark Putney, "Shop Talk (version 1)" by Cold Blood, "Come Little Children" by Donny Hathaway, "Sexy Coffee Pot" by Tony Alvon & The Belairs, "Soul Machine" by The Meters, "Pop Popcorn Children" by Eldridge Holmes, "What So Never the Dance (parts 1 & 2)" by The Houseguests, "Back On The Streets Again" by Tower Of Power, "65 Bars & A Taste Of Soul" by Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band, "Nobody But You Babe" by Clarence Reid, and "You Gotta Know Whatcha Doin" by Charles Wright

Track Listings
1. You Gotta Know Whatcha Doin
2. Sexy Coffee Pot
3. Soul Machine
4. Dirty Red
5. Cold Bear
6. Nobody But You Babe
7. Pop Popcorn Children
8. Get Me Back On Time Engine #9 Pt.1 & 2
9. What So Never The Dance
10. C'mon Children
11. Back On The Streets Again
12. Getting Uptown (To Get Down)
13. Love The Life You Live
14. Come Little Children
15. 65 Bars And A Taste Of Soul
16. Don't Come Around Here Anymore
17. It's My Thing
18. Riding Thumb
19. Same Old Thing
20. Shop Talk

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Funk Drops 2. -- Breaks, Nuggets, & Rarities (Warner 2002)

This excellent collection as well as containing some of Warners biggest hits ("Clean Up Woman"/Betty Wright, "Rock Steady"/Aretha Franklin,"Right Place,Wrong Time"/Dr John) contains some neglected gems that ought to be heard.In particular "Stanga" by Little Sister is a belter, little sister being Rose Stewart part of Sly's extended band/family. There are two Family Stone covers, a magnificent version of "Everyday People" by Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band,and a version of "Sing a simple song" by The Noble Knights-led by King Curtis, but with all the Atlantic House band luminaries in attendance as well. Then there's a remake of a Watts Band backing track dubbed by Society's bag, 1 minute 25 seconds of a track called "Stroke 75" by Tower of Power and a stunning track called "Kissing my Love" by Cold Blood. There's no room to mention the Bobby Byrd track, or the one by Allan Toussaint, but I ought to give a big shout for "Somebody in the World for you" by The Mighty Hannibal which somehow managed not to get much airplay first time around. Sure, a lot of this stuff is obscure, but it's GOOD obscure, not just padding to the hits contained herein, and it rattles along in a joyful urgent way. Looking for something from left field that makes you feel good? Get those flares out!This could be worth investing in.

1. Try It Again - Bobby Byrd
2. Sing a Simple Song - Noble Knights
3. Somebody in the World for You - The Mighty Hannibal
4. Everyday People (In the Jungle) - The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band
5. Chicken Strut - The Meters
6. Rock Steady - Aretha Franklin
7. Fabulous Counts - Lunar Funk
8. Champ - The Mohawks, The Mohawks
9. Funky Nassau, Pt. 2 - The Beginning of the End
10. Getting the Corners - TSU Tornadoes
11. Right on Brother, Pt. 1 - South Shore Commission
12. Memphis Soul Stew [Live] - King Curtis
13. Hard Times - Baby Huey,
14. (Don't Worry) If There's a Hell Below, We're All Going to Go - Curtis Mayfield
15. Stanga - Little Sister
16. Clean Up Woman - Betty Wright
17. Let It Crawl - Society's Bag
18. Goin' Down - Allen Toussaint
19. Right Place, Wrong Time - Dr. John,
20. Chug Chug Chug-A-Lug (Push and Shove), Pt. 2 - The Meters
21. Kissing My Love - Cold Blood
22. Stroke '75 - Tower of Power
23. Soul Power, Pts. 1 and 2 - T.J. Kirk

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Funk Drops 3. -- Breaks, Nuggets, & Rarities (Warner 2004)

Funky nuggets from a vastly under-tapped source -- the mighty holdings of Warner Music, which include some great funky singles from Atlantic, Atco, and Reprise -- as well as even deeper gems on a batch of obscure labels like Kwanza and Clintone! The package is totally great -- with a heavy, hard edge that goes way past the more famous soul tunes on Atlantic -- into the deeper funky territory normally reserved for smaller indie labels at the time. A few tracks on here are by well-known acts, but there's a lot more that aren't -- and this all-legit, well-noted collection kicks it far better than any old dodgy funky 45 set! 25 fantastic cuts in all, including "Improve" by Darrow Fletcher, "I'm Just Like You" by 6ix, "Rise Up" by The Commodores (pre-Motown!), "Help Me Make Up My Mind" by Joyce Jones, "Do The Funky Boogaloo (part 1)" by Barry Jones, "Mashed Potato Popcorn" by Freddie & The Kinfolk, "Get In The Groove" by The Mighty Hannibal, "Funky John" by Johnny Cameron & The Camerons, "The Memphis Train" by Rufus Thomas, "I'm On The Move" by Bobby Byrd, "Whatever's Fair" by Mark Holder & The Positives, "Hang On In There" by Stovall Sisters, "Won't Nobody Listen" by Black Haze Express, and "Your Love Is Certified" by Rasputin's Stash.

1. Keep on Dancing - The Commodores
2. Do the Funky Boogaloo, Pt.1 - Barry Jones
3. Mashed Potato, Pop Corn
4. Get in the Groove - The Mighty Hannibal
5. Funky John - Johnny Cameron & the Camerons
6. Memphis Train - Rufus Thomas
7. Help Me Make Up My Mind - Joyce Jones
8. Here Comes the Meter Man - The Meters
9. Rise Up - The Commodores
10. I'm on the Move - Bobby Byrd
11. Won't Nobody Listen - Black Haze Express
12. Fan the Fire - Earth, Wind & Fire
13. Get Down People - Fabulous Counts
14. Hang on in There - Stovall Sisters
15. Monkey Tamarind - The Beginning of the End
16. Whatever's Fair - Mark Holder & the Positives
17. Your Love Is Certified - Rasputin's Stash
18. What Can You Bring Me - Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band
19. Get Down [Single Version] - Curtis Mayfield
20. Get Down [Single Version] - Curtis Mayfield
21. No Time to Burn - Black Heat
22. I'm Just Like You - 6IX
23. Improve - Darrow Fletcher
24. Hurry Hurry - New Birth
25. Fourplay [Promo 45 Edit] - Fred Wesley & the Horny Horns

Monday, April 28, 2008

Absolute funk

Absolute Funk vol 1, 1969-73 (body&Soul, Night&Day, 2005)

They certainly got the title right on this one -- as the set's overflowing with killer funk that's absolutely the best of the best! The 20 tracks on the set are all great, all legit, and all presented with a real love for a snapping funky 45 groove -- and from what we can tell, most of them have never been reissued before on CD -- making the set an even bigger treat to our ears. Great all the way through -- with plenty of hard numbers that include "I Kicked The Habit" by Sarah Simpson, "Everything's Gonna Be All Right" by Robert Moore, "You" by Spanky Wilson, "Do It For Me" by General Crook, "Sagittarius (part 1)" by Landlords & Tenants, "Funky Virginia" by Sir Guy & The Rocking Cavaliers, "Daddy Love (parts 1 & 2)" by Gi Gi, "I Got Hurt" by The Phillips Brothers, "You Stay On My Mind" by Lena Mone, "Sleep Walk (parts 1 & 2)" by Joe & The Everyday People, "Don't Knock The Cop" by Soul Patrol, and "Funky Walk" by Watson & The Sherlocks.


1- SARAH SIMPSON: I Kicked The Habit (Of Loving You) 2:44
Soul-Po-Tion 105 - 1971
2- ROBERT MOORE: Everything's Gonna’ Be All Right 2:38
Saadia 6091 - c. 1972
3- SOUL PATROL: Don’t Knock The Cop 2:27
Zuma 100 - 1971
4- SPANKY WILSON: You 2:15
Mothers & The Snarf Co. 1370 - 1969
5- LANDLORD & TENANTS: Sagittarius - Part 1 2:48
Coach 811 - 1972
6- GENERAL CROOK: Do It For Me 2:59
Down To Earth 74 - 1970
Soulville 1015 - 1969
8- SIR GUY & THE ROCKING CAVALIERS: Funky Virginia 2:32
D.P.G. 1009 - 1969
9- GI GI: Daddy Love - Part 1 2:33
Sweet 001 - 1971
10- GI GI: Daddy Love - Part 2 2:27
Sweet 001 - 1971
11- THE PHILLIPS BROS: I Got Hurt 2:29
Now 5 - 1972
12- THE SOUL MACHINE: Twitchie Feet 2:50
Pzazz 021 - 1969
13- LOYCE COTTON: Try It, You'll Like It 2:11
Aquarius 1003 - c. 1972
HAWKINS SEXETTE: I'm Hungry 3:17
J & J 300 - 1972
15- LENA MONE’: You Stay On My Mind 3:04
Asp 1084 - c. 1973
16- JOE AND EVERYDAY PEOPLE: Sleep Walk - Part 1 3:10
Brooks 101- 1972
17- JOE AND EVERYDAY PEOPLE: Sleep Walk - Part 2 3:12
Brooks 101- 1972
18- BETTY AND ANGEL: Honey Coated Loving 3:13
Every Day 1000 - 1972
19- O.D. WILLIAMS: I'm Moving On Out Of Your Life 2:16
Bar-Bare 1266 - c.1973
20- SOUL PATROL: Peter Pan 2:49
Zuma 100 - 1971

Absolute Funk Vol.2, 1967-74 (body&Soul, Night&Day, 2005)

Absolute Funk and absolutely funky -- a no-nonsense collection that really lives up to its name! Like the crack first volume, this second collection is filled with the kind of all-great funky 45 material that first got us looking past LPs years ago -- the kind of killer singles that really stood out way back in the day, revered for their hard and soulful grooves, and not just for the high prices they would later fetch on Ebay! This collection really gets to the heart of the funky 45 genius -- and treads ground that may be slightly familiar to the higher echelon of collectors, but which is still pretty great and relatively new to us -- and to the rest of the folks in the world who don't have weeks of free time to spend driving around looking for records! As with the last set, this one's all-legit, all-licensed, and produced with great notes throughout -- and features 20 tracks in all that include "Get Down" by Harvey Scales & The 7 Sounds, "The Tramp (parts 1 & 2)" by The Showmen Inc, "Ride On Iron Horse" by Marlboro Men, "What Would It Be Like (part 1)" by Freddie Wilson, "This Is My Thing" by Tommy Bass, "Sad Chicken" by Leroy & The Drivers, "Rover Or Me" by Good Time Charlie, "I'm The Man" by Chris Jones, "Funky Grandpaw (part 1)" by Incomparable Seven, "Stand Up & Be A Man (parts 1 & 2)" by Sundia, "The Commerce Thang" by Chamber Of Commerce, "Don't Change On Me" by The Zodiacs, and "Let's Do That Thing" by Flip Flop Stevens & The Famous Pop Tops.


1- Leroy And The Drivers : The Sad Chicken 3:00
Duo 7458 - 1970
2- tommy Bass : (I Can’t Help It, Baby) This Is My Thing 2:59
Soulful 1004 - 1969
3- Freddie Wilson : What Would It Be Like - Part 1 3:19
Soul-Po-Tion 112 - 1972
4- The Marlboro Men : (Ride On) Iron Horse 2:35
Nite Beat 1001 - 1971
5- Sundia : Stand Up And Be A Man - Part 1 3:35
United 0278 - c. 1972
6- Sundia : Stand Up And Be A Man - Part 2 4:05
United 0278 - c. 1972
7- Incomparable Seven : Funky Grand Paw - Part 1 3:22
Top Hit 20001 - 1974
8- Chris Jones : I’m The Man 2:57
Goodie Train 008 - c. 1970
9- Good Time Charlie : Rover Or Me 2:20
Pzazz 029 - 1969
10- Billy Young : Suffering With A Hangover - Part 1 2:25
Joyja 005 - c. 1973
11- Zodiacs : Don’t Change On Me 2:33
C.R.S. 006 - c. 1972
12- Kim Tamango : Not By Bread Alone 2:48
Firebird 1801 - 1969
13- Chamber Of Commerce : The Commerce Thang 2:23
DCA 101 - 1972
14- Big Ella : Too Hot To Hold 2:50
Salem 1009 - 1969
15- Melvin London & The Red Hearts : I Can’t Give Up 2:02
Panther 1001 - c. 1970
16- The Soul Duo : Can’t Nobody Love Me
(Like My Baby Do) 2:31
Shiptown 132 - c. 1969
17- Flip Flop Stevens And The Famous Pop Tops
Orchestra : (Come On) Let’s Do That Thing 3:25
Shiptown 010 - c. 1969
18- The Showmen Inc. : The Tramp - Part 1 2:14
Now 3 - 1972
19- The Showmen Inc. : The Tramp - Part 2 2:36
Now 3 - 1972
20- Harvey Scales & The 7 Sounds : Get Down 2:52
Magic Touch 2007 - 1967

Absolute Funk Vol 3, 1967-1976 (body&Soul, Night&Day, 2006)

Killer funk all the way through -- presented here with wonderful sound and a set list that includes plenty of unreissued rarities! This volume may well be the best in this already-great series -- as its got a totally hip, totally heavy feel -- one that goes out of its way to dig up funk tracks that are perfectly put together -- and not just tunes that happen to be rare! The vocals on many tracks are as great as the instrumentation -- matching the hard drums, scratching guitar, blasting horns, and rolling bass with singers who easily rival the best deep soul talents from the James Brown universe. And as with other volumes, the package is all legit, and presented with great notes on the material -- further emphasizing the careful production of the Absolute Funk series! Titles include "Cool Dad" by Ross Carnegie, "When You Git Through Wit It Put It Back" by City Council Ltd, "What It Is (parts 1 & 2)" by Apollis, "Changes" by The Visitors, "Super Sweet Girl Of Mine" by 5 Miles Out, "Is It Funky Enough" by Communicators & Black Experiences Band, "Clique" by Con-Funk-Shun, "Upstairs On Boston Road (parts 1 & 2)" by Sammy Gordon & The Hip-Huggers, "My Mind Set Me Free (parts 1 & 2)" by House Guests, "Crossin Over" by Carl Holmes & The Commanders, and "Tear It Up (parts 1 & 2)" by Billy Wade & The 3rd Degrees.


1. CITY COUNCIL LTD. When you git through wit it put it back
3. 5 MILES OUT Super sweet girl of mine
4. MARY DAVIS Danger! (Playboy at work)
6. WEE WILLIE & THE WINNERS I don’t know what you gad but I know what you need
7. APOLLIS What it is-Part 1
8. APOLLIS What it is-Part 2
9. THE VISITORS The Changes
10. SAMMY GORDON & THE HIPHUGGERS Upstairs on Boston road- Part 1
11. SAMMY GORDON & THE HIPHUGGERS Upstairs on Boston road- Part 2
12. HOUSE GUESTS My mind set me free- Part 1
13. HOUSE GUESTS My mind set me free- Part 2
14. CITY COUNCIL LTD. You got it all, ain’t no more
15. CON-FUNK-SHUN Clique
16. PAM KELLUM What you see you can’t get
17. JAMES “BIG SAMBO” YOUNG & THE HOUSE WRECKERS Barking up the wrong tree
18. BILLY WADE & THE 3RD DEGREES Tear it up – Part 1
19. BILLY WADE & THE 3RD DEGREES Tear it up – Part 2

Absolute Funk Vol 4, 1968 - 1975 (body&Soul, Night&Day, 2007)

About as funky as you can get for CD reissues -- a massive batch of rare 45s, all brought together in a great collection that's supported with wonderful notes in both French and English! The Absolute Funk team have dug deeper than ever this time around -- and have managed to come up with a blistering batch of tunes that represent the cream of the crop of the funky underground at the end of the 60s -- tasty little goodies that strut, vamp, and soar with rough-edged instrumentation and gut-wrenching vocals! There's a real in-your-face quality to the sound here that's amazing -- a boldness that bursts forward from the very first note of the set, and which never lets up throughout. Titles include "Right On" by Barbara & Gwen, "Foot Stomping" by The Organics, "Forget About That Mess (parts 1 & 2)" by The Marvells, "Come On Let's Do The Breakdown" by Family Plan, "You Ain't My Brother" by The Soul Shakers, "Funky Four Corners" by Richard Marks, "Ridin High (parts 1 & 2)" by Bobby Cook Quartette, "You Lost Your Thing" by Hank Johnson, "The Funky Mule (parts 1 & 2)" by Marvin Holmes & The Uptights, "Mister Boogie" by Brother Soul, "Sugar Daddy" by Levert Allison, "Push & Shove" by Willy Willey, "Explain It" by The Tenderonies, "I Get A Groove" by Thomas East & The Fabulous Playboys, and "How Can I Hit The Ball" by Bill Wright


1 THE ORGANICS Foot stumping
2 THE MARVELLS Forget about that mess part.1
3 THE MARVELLS Forget about that mess part.2
4 HANK JOHNSON You lost your thing
5 SMOKEY JOHNSON & COMPANY The funkie moon
6 FAMILY PLANN Come on let’s do the breakdown
7 THE BOBBY COK QUARTETTE Ridin’ high part.1
8 THE BOBBY COK QUARTETTE Ridin’ high part.2
9 RICHARD MARKS Funky four corners
10 SOUL SHAKERS You ain’tmy brother
11 MARVIN HOLMES The funky mule part.1
12 MARVIN HOLMES The funky mule part.2
13 BARBARA & GWEN Right on
14 BILL WRIGHT How can I hit the ball
15 BROTHER SOUL Mister boogie
18 WILLY WILEY Push and shove
19 LEVERT ALLISON Sugar daddy

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Absolute Funk Vol 5 ,1966 -1974 (body&Soul, Night&Day, 2008)

Killer funk all the way through -- presented here with wonderful sound and a set list that includes plenty of unreissued rarities! This volume may well be the best in this already-great series -- as its got a totally hip, totally heavy feel -- one that goes out of its way to dig up funk tracks that are perfectly put together -- and not just tunes that happen to be rare! The vocals on many tracks are as great as the instrumentation -- matching the hard drums, scratching guitar, blasting horns, and rolling bass with singers who easily rival the best deep soul talents from the James Brown universe. And as with other volumes, the package is all legit, and presented with great notes on the material -- further emphasizing the careful production of the Absolute Funk series! Titles include "Cool Dad" by Ross Carnegie, "When You Git Through Wit It Put It Back" by City Council Ltd, "What It Is (parts 1 & 2)" by Apollis, "Changes" by The Visitors, "Super Sweet Girl Of Mine" by 5 Miles Out, "Is It Funky Enough" by Communicators & Black Experiences Band, "Clique" by Con-Funk-Shun, "Upstairs On Boston Road (parts 1 & 2)" by Sammy Gordon & The Hip-Huggers, "My Mind Set Me Free (parts 1 & 2)" by House Guests, "Crossin Over" by Carl Holmes & The Commanders, and "Tear It Up (parts 1 & 2)" by Billy Wade & The 3rd Degrees


1 ROAD RUNNERS: Every Man For Himself 1969
4 JOHN EL: Hot Pants U.S.A. 1974
5 LEN WOODS : Do It Funky 1970
6 THE SISTER AND BROTHERS: The Jed Clampett – Part 1 1970
7 THE SISTER AND BROTHERS: The Jed Clampett – Part 2
8 TABBY THOMAS: One Day 1972
9 PRESTON LOVE: Cissy Popcorn 1969
10 BARBARA HALL: Big Man 1969
11 JERRY O: Soul Sister 1969
12 HINDAL BUTTS: In The Pocket 1970
13 AL HUDSON WITH VITAMIN C: I Want You To Know 1973
14 HOTT SNOW: Let Nature Take It's Course 1974
15 THE JAGUARS: Banana Fanna 1968
16 THE VEL-VETTES: Give A Little Bit Of Time 1972
17 EUGENE BLACKNELL & THE NEW BREED: The Trip – Part1 1968
19 BILLY SHA-RAE: Let's Do It Again 1971
20 DELLA REESE: It Was A Very Good Year 1966

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

JD & the Evil's Dynamite Band

Part of the Soul Fire stable of retro-leaning deep funk artists, JD & the Evil's Dynamite Band specialize in heavy psychedelic funk that evokes the experimentalism of the late '60s and early '70s (but wasn't actually produced in that time period, as Soul Fire claims). Following the non-LP single "Haaa-Sheesh," their debut full-length, Explodes Across the Nation, was released in 2001.

Explodes Across the Nation (Soul Fire 2001)

The mysterious and oddly named JD & the Evil's Dynamite Band offer a fresh new sound for the funk revival label Soul Fire, laying down a mind-bending psychedelic funk groove that -- unlike some of the label's other acts -- isn't immediately beholden to any one influence. Loads of wah-wah guitars, plus some choppy organ and echoing flute, are the main parts of their sound; there are also some incomprehensible background voices on several cuts which add to the overall atmosphere, including sinister whispers on the free-form percussion jam "The Evil D's." The background noises on the two-part "Everglades" conjure up images of a foreboding swamp at night, while other tracks feature a Meters influence filtered through the lens of, ahem, altered perception. If you're looking for dark, heavy, primal funk, this is a cut below labelmates the Whitefield Brothers' In the Raw, but as a mind trip unto itself, it creates a pretty effective atmosphere -- more spacy and creepy than wild'n'crazy, insinuating itself gradually. Overall, an intriguing debut that the group will hopefully build upon.

1. Kalhari
2. Heavy, Heavy...Heavy
3. Mean Scene
4. Beer, (So Nice) Right On
5. The Evil D's
6. Sunday Kind Of Love
7. Flames Of Darkness
8. Backwards Intentions
9. Everglades Part 1
10. Everglades Part 2
11. My Beach, My Waves, Fuck Off!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Sugarman Three

New York City retro-funk combo the Sugarman 3 was formed by saxophonist Neal Sugarman in the spring of 1996 following his return from New Orleans, where he backed artists including Eddie Henderson and Mike Longo. Teaming with organist Adam Scone (a onetime protege of Ben Dixon) and longtime Brother Jack McDuff drummer Rudy Albin, the trio -- inspired by the vintage jazz-funk sounds of the 1960s -- quickly emerged as a club favorite, and with guitarist Coleman Mellett, the Sugarman 3 recorded their 1998 Desco label debut Sugar's Boogaloo. A single, "Cherry Pickin'," preceded the release of the combo's second album, Soul Donkey. Sweet Spot, a compilation of the previous two albums, appeared in spring 2001. That fall the band met with former Desco Records owner Gabriel Roth and producer Bosco Mann to form Daptone Records, label that would reflect their interests and act as a platform for Sugarman 3 albums. The first of these projects appeared in the summer of 2002, when Sugarman 3's Pure Can Sugar arrived in stores.

Sugar's Boogaloo (Desco 1998 )

The Sugarman Three's debut album, Sugar's Boogaloo, is a slice of vintage Blue Note-style soul-jazz, with alto saxophonist Lou Donaldson being perhaps the most obvious touchstone. The music is primarily driven by groove and rhythm, with Neal Sugarman's melodic, R&B-based saxophone providing most of the leads. Sugarman's playing stays solidly within the groove, so jazz fans looking for improvisational fireworks will probably not find Sugar's Boogaloo as interesting as the artists who influenced it. But fans of earthy, greasy jazz-funk and rare groove will delight in the fact that this music is being revived -- and in such danceable, soulful fashion.

1. Sugar's Boogaloo
2. Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
3. Sock Monkey
4. Sunshine Superman
5. Skunk Walk
6. Suzy Q
7. Sweet Tooth
8. Red Wine
9. Hot Sauce
10. Hankerin'


Soul Donkey (Desco 2000)

The Sugarman Three's second album for Desco Records, Soul Donkey isn't markedly different from its predecessor, delivering catchy, infectious, funky soul-jazz instrumentals driven by leader Neal Sugarman's alto sax and Adam Scone's Hammond organ. The group positively revels in their late-'60s sound, and their sincere appreciation for the somewhat maligned groove style communicates itself very effectively.

1. Soul Donkey
2. Chicken Half
3. Baby I Love You
4. Turtle Walk
5. Daisy Rides Again
6. Double Back
7. Pull My Cart
8. Mulin' Around
9. Saddle for Two
10. Out a Sight
11. So Long Donkey


it can be found on found on :

Sweet Spot (Unique Records 2001 )

Amazing but true, this is a record from 2001 ! A compilation from the Sugarman Three’s first 2 LP’s (Sugar’s Boogaloo & Soul Donkey) + some singles that cames out on the now defunct Desco label . They sound very authentic, recorded in the 90’s in the Desco Studios ( New-York ), this LP features tenor sax, Hammond organ, guitar and drums, no voices, but anyway a great cover of « 2001 - a space odissey » !
Don’t miss this if you’re a carefully listener of Lou Donaldson, Jimmy Smith, Brother Jack Mc Duff & George Benson ; just because this a real boogaloo set. Very rare to hear this kinda music today played by contemporary musicians. Seems to be an UMO ( Unidentified Musical Object ) but it’s true !

A1- Sweet Spot
A2- Turtle Walk
A3- Sock Monkey
A4- Daisy's Boogaloo
A5- Daisy Rides Again
A6- 2001
A7- Chicken Half

Side 2 :

B1- Hot Sauce
B2- Cherry Pickin'
B3- Soul Barrio Pt. 2
B4- Double Back
B5- Mudd Slide
B6- Five Four Five
B7- Sweet Tooth


Pure Cane Sugar ( Daptone Records 2002)

Picking up where their 7" singles left off, Sugarman Three provides 11 memorable, booty-shaking moments on this 2002 release. Although Sugarman Three has received many Jon Spencer comparisons from indie rock circles, Pure Cane Sugar is a slick and soulful slab of raw RB that carries little of the screaming and noise of Spencer's outfit. Instead, they harness the sharp timing of funk and produce intensely groovy instrumentals with the occasional guest vocalist making an appearance. The best use of a singer is "Take It As It Comes," a James Brown-style number that uses a tight horn part to drive the song along while Sugarman Three jams away in all their funky glory. Other highlights include the mid-tempo groove of "Pure Cane," the Motown-esque "Modern Jive," and the saxophone extravaganza "Country Girl." The key to Sugarman Three's magic is the tension they manage to pull out of these songs, making each glorious breakdown seem like a genuine release. Soulful, swaggering, and fun, Pure Cane Sugar is a fantastic modern funk release that journeys into the complicated rhythms and bass lines of the genre's heyday and comes back ready to dance.

1. Funky So-And -So 3:55
2. Take It As It Comes feat. Charles Bradley 5:59
3. Pure Cane 4:00
4. Shot Down feat. Lee Fields 3:14
5. Modern Jive feat. Bernard Purdie 3:14
6. Promised Land feat. Naomi Davis 2:37
7. Bosco's Country 3:02
8. Country Girl 3:48
9. Honey Wagon 2:57
10. Le Culebra 3:37
11. Down To It 4:38


it can be found on :

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Bamboos

The Bamboos are Australia's premier Deep Funk outfit. Masters of super-heavy, raw and upfront drum-break driven grooves. Led by Guitarist Lance Ferguson (Equatorial Records/Lanu/No Comply), other members include Ben Grayson (Hammond Organ), Danny Farrugia (Drums), Yuri Pavlinov (Bass), Anton Delecca (Sax/Flute) and Ross Irwin (Trumpet).

The Bamboos formed in 2001 and released the 7" single 'Eel Oil/Blackfoot', earning them international acclaim from the likes of Snowboy, Mr Scruff, Jazzanova, Patrick Forge and Russ Dewbury.

Their next release 'Tighten Up/Voodoo Doll' was picked up by Kenny Dope (Masters At Work) and Keb Darge (Legendary Deep Funk) for their U.S-based imprint Kay-Dee Records.

Making their home at Tru Thoughts records (home to Quantic and Alice Russell) in 2005, The Bamboos debut album ‘Step it Up’ was released jointly by Tru Thoughts and Ubiquity Records (US).
The latest Bamboos album ‘Rawville’ has been described by IDJ magazine (UK) as ‘Arguably the best Funk album of the modern era…”
It was JBHiFi, Radio National and 3PBS FM’s ‘album of the week’ upon release in May 2007.
In 2004 and 2005 The Bamboos toured Australia and New Zealand alongside Quantic and Alice Russell to universal acclaim.

In 2006 and 2007 The Bamboos toured Europe and the U.K, bringing their unmistakable sound to venues including The Jazz Café in London and countries including Germany, Spain, Ireland, Italy and Belgium. The Bamboos live shows have evolved into non-stop mixtape-style throwdowns that draw the links between Hip Hop, Funk and old-school Breaks.

The Bamboos have performed at events including Meredith Music Festival, Falls Festival, The West Coast Blues & Roots Festival, The St Kilda Festival, The Sydney Festival, Trop Fest and have appeared on the ABC TV Show ‘Sunday Arts’

The Bamboos music has been featured in the worlds highest rating TV Show ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ .

Step It Up (Ubiquity 2006)

With their limited-edition 7"s making waves among beat heads and soul connoisseurs around the world, the Bamboos were quickly snapped up by Tru Thoughts in the U.K. and Ubiquity in the U.S. for their debut album. And Step It Up lives up to the hype and then some, as the band is as tight as any modern-day funk ensemble could possibly be. Exorcising the spirits of the Meters, the J.B.'s, and boogaloo giants long passed, the group delivers a fiery 11-song session that's as potent as any other band performing today. Alice Russell's vocal contributions on "Step It Up" and Afronaught's now classic broken beat anthem "Transcend Me" are bright and near flawless. This is an album custom-made for sweaty summer dance and house parties, or driving around the strip in your best car or newly polished scooter coming straight out of storage from the winter. Anyone needing a good shot of soul or a reaffirmation in the sound would be well served in picking this up.

1. Step It Up
2. Tighten Up/Album Version
3. In The Bamboo Grove
4. Golden Rough
5. Black Foot
6. Transcend Me
7. Tobago Strut
8. Another Day In The Life Of Mr. Jones
9. Crooked Cop
10. Eel Oil
11. Voodoo Doll/Album Version


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Rawville (Tru Thoughts 2007)

For this album Rawville, they have kept the raw organ funk that was the centre of their previous release Step It Up, but have additionally adopted further styles which are on the whole more experimental and sound fuller than their last outing. This is distinguished with the use of a larger horn section for a thicker sound; most notable on tracks like Tongan Steel and Pussy Footin’.
In addition, this time they have split between the number of instrumental and vocal tunes with varying collaborations.
That unadulterated funky drum-break sound is evident right from the word go as flutes and trumpets stomp all over the first track, The Bamboos Theme, and much of the album continues in the same vein of vigour and melodies that make you want to move your feet.
For the first single off this album Get In The Scene, they have recruited hip hop vocalist Ohmega Watts, fresh from working on the last Quantic album. A personal favourite MC of The Bamboos’ Lance, this is a more accessible first release that will appeal to those who may not familiar with previous TT releases.
Most of the other collaborations adorn more relaxed and chilled beats and are notably provided by Tru Thoughts’ favourite lady Alice Russell, who belts out her usual energetic and lavish vocals over Bring It Home, and Fallon Williams whose soulful singing graces the strolling bass and punchy sax of My Baby’s Cheating.
With this one set to drop in early May, Tru Thoughts release yet another positive disco record, holding true to their keen eye for quality and diverse live acts.

1. Bamboos Theme
2. Bring It Home - The Bamboos, Alice Russell
3. Get in the Scene - The Bamboos, Ohmega Watts
4. Witch
5. My Baby's Cheating (I Sure Got the Feeling) - The Bamboos, Fallon Williams
6. I Don't Wanna Stop - Kylie Auldist, The Bamboos
7. Head in the Clouds - The Bamboos,
8. Happy
9. Rockin' It - The Bamboos, Ohmega Watts
10. Pussy Footin'
11. Rawville
12. Tongan Steel


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Connie Price & the Keystones

Though the name connotes a female lead, Connie Price & the Keystones is in fact a project helmed by Los Angeles-based guitarist/producer/multi-instrumentalist Dan Ubick (of Breakestra fame) and his friend trumpeter/arranger Todd M. Simon. Ubick, who played most of the instruments for the "group" in the studio, simply wanted an alias for his drum-playing self, and decided to go with the name Connie Price for the funk-throwback group. In 2004 the Keystones put out an EP, Blood's Haul, on the Stones Throw imprint Now Again, and that same year the instrumental Wildflowers was released. Another EP, Sticks & Stones, hit shelves in 2005, and three years later the band -- Ubick and Simon with the usual bevy of fellow Angeleno musicians, and now on Ubiquity Records -- issued Tell Me Something, which featured guest appearances from MCs like Percee P and Big Daddy Kane (for both of whom the Keystones recorded a separate 12" on Scion), Ohmega Watts, and Freestyle Fellowship's Myka Nyne, among others.

Wildflowers (Now Again 2004)

Those seeking an un-ironic return to the classic days of jazz and funk, played by a group of live musicians who swing and churn with the best of the old-school need look no further than this album by Los Angeles-based Connie Price & the Keystones. Produced (in the traditional sense) by Dan Ubick for Stones Throw's equally old-fashioned off-shoot, Now Again, Ubick assembled almost 30 highly skilled musicians from contemporary funk units Antibalas, Poets of Rhythm, and the Soul Destroyers, as well as the highly popular Dap-Kings, proving that this is a growing scene in the best sense of the word, where musicians still jam together and follow the groove (and work) wherever it may lead. Bandleader and drummer Dan Ubick (aka Connie Price) leads this gang of players through a score of horn-filled, groove-heavy originals that easily sound like they could have been laid to tape 50 years ago, with Ubick's jazz-infused boom-bap offering a contemporary swing gleaned from hip-hop as well as classic soul. Muted horn riffs fuse with loose jazz guitar and an ass-swaying drum break on "Tall Day Grass" that was made for smoking filterless cigarettes on the front porch, while opener "Sticks & Stones" incorporates a reggae-tinted groove, with dub-worthy bass, ska horn punches, and vibraphone hits that chime through the low-end swell. The title track and lead single offers one of the only vocals, with a lead vox by vintage singer Lester Abrams who sounds like Curtis Mayfield's long lost half-brother. The last time young men made music your parents would like, it resulted in the swing dance revival. Here's hoping this dirtier time in musical history brings with it all of the nasty funk that accompanied it the first time around.

1. Sticks & Stones
2. Sucker Punch
3. Western Champion feat.Bobby Watley
4. The Buzzard
5. Tall Dry Grass
6. The Shadows of Leaves
7. Fuzz and Them feat.Jan Weissenfeldt
8. Double Dutch feat.Malcolm Catto
9. Wildflowers feat.L.A. Carnival
10. Get Thy Bearings
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Tell Me Something (Ubiquity 2008)

On their second record, funk and soul revivalists Connie Price & the Keystones (aka Dan Ubick and a bunch of friends) decide to branch out from the pure instrumental music they had displayed on their debut, Wildflowers and add the talent of top West Coast MCs (an exception being the Bronxite Percee P, but as he's signed to Stones Throw, an imprint of which released Wildflowers, and whose founder Peanut Butter Wolf appears here on background vocals, the reasoning is clear). What results, Tell Me Something, is an excellent album that bridges the (small) jump from funk to hip-hop, how the urban blaxploitation soundtracks from Isaac Hayes and Curtis Mayfield tie in so seamlessly to rap. During the tracks that feature vocalists, the band lays off on heavy horn riffs and B-3 chords, approaching the pieces from a more hip-hop perspective, where drums and bass are most important, the rest of the instruments only coming in as accents or to fill out the hook. This careful arrangement then allows the songs that feature both more melodically driven MCs (Blood of Abraham, Mikah 9 from Freestyle Fellowship) -- or the singer Aloe Blacc -- and the more rhythm-oriented rappers to sound equally good. Percee P, who shows up on three tracks, steals the show, flaunting his complex internal rhyme and storytelling skills with good nature and ease. Ubiquity labelmate Ohmega Watts, too, is impressive on "Master at Work," which fluidly compares a rapper both to a boxer and a warrior ("I'm punching a wooden man, blast though bottles of glass or bricks with bloody hands" and "I read scrolls and demonstrate excellence through discipline, taking the weight") as smooth keyboard lines play out eerily underneath. The band is finally allowed to show off their skills during the lone (disregarding the dark, sparse bonus cut) instrumental track on Tell Me Something, "Hoagies Revenge," which gives the trumpets and guitar space to really explore the groove without the worry of overpowering the vocalist. But it is that, their very ability to accompany lyrics while still retaining their own sense of self, that makes Connie Price & the Keystones a great group, and what makes Tell Me Something a great record.

01. Across da Board Ft. Big Daddy Kane
02. Put Your Weight Ft. Soup Of Jurassic 5
03. Highlife Ft. Mykah 9
04. Tell Me Ft. Aloe Blacc
05. Hoagies Revenge
06. Pirates Ft. Blood Of Abraham
07. Master At Work Ft. Ohmega Watts
08. Thundersounds Ft. Percee P
09. Catatonia Ft. Percee P & Wildchild

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Friday, April 4, 2008

Soul Investigators

When New York retro-funk label Desco shut its doors, co-founder Phillipe Lehman started up a new label, Soul Fire, which was dedicated to releasing only the sort of rough, raw, lower-fidelity funk Lehman preferred. Calypso King & the Soul Investigators were the first band to issue a full-length album on Soul Fire, and like many of the groups in Lehman's orbit, their origins were unlikely: a Meters/J.B.'s/MG's-styled instrumental funk band from Helsinki, Finland. All the members played in other bands; guitarist Pete Toikkanen was in a garage rock group called the Paisley, while organist Antti Maattanen, bassist Sami Kantelinen, and drummer Jukka Sarapaa all played in Mood (aka Maor Presto). Forming in 1998, the group issued a couple of 45s before hooking up with Lehman; after a debut single on Soul Fire in 2000, "Compin' and Smokin'," they recorded their debut full-length, Soul Strike! which was released in 2001. The Soul Investigators subsequently recorded for their own Timmion label with a newly added horn section, featuring trumpeter Eero Savela, trombonist Erno Haukkala, and saxophonist Lasse Tolvanen. ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide

SOUL STRIKE! ( Soul Fire 2001)

You can't get any funkier than this! Calypso King and The Soul Investigators are prime new funk in the classic Desco mode -- hard, heavy, and stripped-down, with a sound that would make the James Brown of late 60s King years very very proud! This album's their first full-length effort, and trust us -- it blows their already-strong funky 45s away! Every track grooves like a mo-fo -- with heavy breakbeat drums pounding away, jangly guitar chopping like mad, and hot Hammond organ licking away at the bubbling pot! All instrumental, all heavy funk, and all good good good! Titles include "Brand New Potatoes", "Ahh Soul!", "Ci-Ka-Boo", "Chick Beans", "Soul Strike", "Gator Funk Part 1", "Ma Gee", "Mo Calypso Soul", and "Investigator's Groove"

1. Gator Funk Pt.1
2. Ma-Gee
3. Mo' Calypso Strut
4. Some Funk
5. Raw Grapes
6. Investigator's Groove
7. Struggling My Way
8. Brand New Potatoes
9. Ahh Soul!
10. Soul Strike!
11. Chick Beans
12. Ci-Ka-Boo
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HOME COOKING (Timmion December 2002)

A monstrous batch of instrumentals from the deep funk underground -- and one of the best new funk albums we've heard in years! Calypso King & Co hail from the icy north of funky Finland -- where somehow they've managed to carve out a sound that's harder, fiercer, and more kicking than most of the other funk acts recording in more southbound parts of the globe. The drums are hard, the guitars are scratchy, and the organ cooks like a space heater in a fire trap on a cold Chicago night! All tracks are instrumentals, and the album's recorded with a messed-up sound that makes the whole thing feel like you've found a box of rare funky 45s! These guys are truly the kings of dirty funk -- as you'll hear on titles that include "Micro Popcorn", "Momma's Gravy", "Green Tea & Tobacco", "Deep Fried Chitlins", "Good Food", and "Greens Please"

01. Home Cooking Part I
02. Mo' Hash
03. Greasy Pork
04. Greens Please
05. Midnight Bar-b-q
06. Ti-ki Tofu
07. Good Food
08. Home Cooking Part II
09. Electric Cooker
10. Micro Popcorn
11. Deep Fried Chitlings
12. Momma's Gravy (Yum Yum)
13. Green Tea & Tobacco
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KEEP REACHIN' UP (Timmion November 2005)

For their third record, Keep Reachin’ Up, they back NYC native Nicole Willis, a soul singer with a bright yet pale voice whose past credits include work with Curtis Mayfield and the Brand New Heavies, as well as a brief stint with dance floor mavens Dee-Lite. Keep Reachin’ Up happens to be Willis’s third full-length as well, and her first to fall under the banner of the retro soul movement spearheaded by the likes of Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, Amy Winehouse, and the Quantic Soul Orchestra. Willis and the Soul Investigators (along with multi-instrumentalist Jimi Tenor, who happens to be Willis’s husband) favor the echo and throb of the classic Motown sound, most notably on the urgent “If This Ain’t Love (Don’t Know What Is)”, with its constantly snapping snare drum, and “My Four Leaf Clover”, which parades along with the bounce and grandeur of the Supremes. Like Jones’s album Naturally, Keep Reachin’ Up sounds like it could have been recovered from a long-lost reel of studio tape from some now-defunct studio in the American South.

1. Feeling Free
2. If This Ain't Love (I Don't Know What Is)
3. Keep Reachin' Up
4. Blues Downtown
5. My Four Leaf Clover
6. A Perfect Kind Of Love
7. Invisible Man
8. Holdin' On
9. No One's Gonne Love You
10. Soul Investigators Theme
11. Untitled
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FAT SLICE O' FUNK (Invada Records 2006) [compilation-best of]

Fat Slice O’ Funk, is the best of The Soul Investigators.The album features New York soulstress Nicole Willis with the track ’Rag Doll’. Willis began her career in London in 1984, singing and writing with The Brand New Heavies. Nicole’s sound has been likened to Sharon Jones and has been embraced by the UK’s Northern Soul scene with an overwhelming response to her new LP “Keep Reachin’ Up” .

The album also features the vocals of Philadelphia soul legend, the late Herb Johnson in ’Make You Wanna Holla’. In 1972, Herb Johnson cut his sought after record “Damph F’Aint,” a James Brown-inspired funk cult classic complete with extemporaneous lyrics. Herb was the grandson of Louis Armstrong, recognisable immediately with Herbs gravel voice and appearance.

From humble beginnings in Finland during the winter of 1997, The Soul Investigators have forged a worldwide reputation after a string of classic 7” singles (which now fetch $100’s of dollars on eBay) and two LP releases on their own TIMMION label, along with sides for JIVE records and the now defunct New York-based SOUL FIRE records. The Soul Investigators have been cooking in the deep funk underground for long enough. Now here they are; fat, tasty and straight up funky - but still raw as hell!

Fat Slice O’ Funk is a collection of the best of The Soul Investigators’ prolific body of work. A combination of previously released and unreleased songs from Finland’s funk meisters who have been inspired by James Brown, The Meters, Booker T. & The MG’s and Mickey and The Soul Generation. The Soul Investigators don’t stray from the path. It’s raw, authentic, and mostly instrumental.

1. Sassy strut 4:32
2. Rag doll, featuring Nicole WILLIS 2:32
3. Let's have some 3:15
4. Ahh soul! 2:17
5. Mo' mash 2:12
6. Ma-gee 3:05
7. Make you wanna holler, featuring Herb JOHNSON 3:34
8. Compin' & smokin' 2:46
9. Good food 3:35
10. Investigators testifying 3:00
11. Soul strike! 3:12
12. Ci-ka-boo 3:11
13. Calypso strut 3:08
14. Home cooking 4:34
15. Raw steaks 3:14
16. Deep fried chitlings 3:28

If someone's got this compilation please contact me.

Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators
Keep Reachin’ Up (Above the Clouds 2007) [remixes]

1. Soul Investigator’s Theme (Ghost Remix)
2. Feeling Free (Aaron Jerome Remix)
3. If This Ain’t Love (Mr Scruff Remix)
4. A Perfect Kind of Love (Lack of Afro Remix)
5. Holding On (Afronaut Remix Remix)
6. My 4 Leaf Clover (The Dynamics Remix)
7. No One’s Gonna Love You (Blackbeard Remix)
8. Invisible Man (Simbad Remix)
9. If This Ain’t Love (Elizabeth Shepherd Trio Remix)
10. Keep Reachin’ Up (Rob Life Remix)
11. Soul Investigator’s Theme (Mike Slott of Heralds of Change Remix)
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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Whitefield Brothers

The Whitefield Brothers are a down-and-dirty funk group that makes raw, organic funk using nothing but instruments and an Afro-Caribbean sense of rhythm. The group is actually a project put together by German funk players the Poets of Rhythm, although the approach is different form their previous output

In the Raw

Very possibly Soul Fire's finest full-length to date (at least when it was released in early 2002), the Whitefield Brothers' debut album, In the Raw, is a stomping, muscular, fantastically heavy set of instrumental funk that packs a mighty wallop. It's somewhat different from the other releases by Germany's Poets of Rhythm, who are actually moonlighting here under the Whitefield Brothers' alias, but certainly compatible with their aesthetic. There are some exotic touches here and there -- African chants and percussion on some tracks, a heavy Caribbean voodoo vibe on others. There's also a trippy stoner vibe to much of the project, with fuzz-toned organ stabs, spare floating horn work, deliberate mid-tempo grooves, and booming drums mixed way up front for maximum thud. It's an exhilarating listen, and raises hopes that Soul Fire will continue to come up with funk sounds this fresh.

1. In The Raw
2. Sol Walk
3. EJI
4. Prowlin'
5. Weiya (Serengenti Beat)
6. Yakuba
7. Witch-Jam
8. Weiya
9. Thunderbird

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

the Mighty Imperials

Though none of the four members of the Mighty Imperials was over the age of 18 when they sat down in the Desco Records studios in 1999 to work on the music for Thunder Chicken, they were talented enough to entice gospel singer Joe Henry to add his voice to four of their tracks. With Leon Michels on organ, Homer Steinweiss on drums, Nick Movshon on bass, and Sean Solomon on guitar, the Mighty Imperials played deep funk reminiscent of early James Brown and the Meters. A single, "Kick the Blanket/Toothpick," came out that same year, but after Desco folded, the album sat on the shelves. In 2001 a bootlegged version was issued illegally in Britain, but finally, in 2004 Daptone took hold of the record and released it officially. By that time, the members of the Mighty Imperials were playing in different bands (Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, Antibalas, Soul Fire, El Michels Affair) or involved in other activities, but the album still received positive critical response. ~ Marisa Brown, All Music Guide

Super-heavy funk from late great Desco Records scene! The Mighty Imperials were one of the best funky 45 groups to record for mighty deep funk Desco label -- and their first album never properly saw the light of day, thanks to some pressing and distribution messups before the demise of the company. Now, the whole thing's finally out officially -- a funky treasure that sounds like a lost 70s gem, and which has almost as much mystique, given the status of the original record! The core combo features organ, drums, bass, and super-heavy guitar -- and the album also features them recording with some additional vocal help from Joseph Henry! Henry sings in a mode that's very similar to Lee Fields' work with the deep funk scene -- and his vocals are on a number of tracks on the album -- leaving the rest as groovy funky instrumentals with a nice heavy late 60s sock-boogaloo sound! Includes covers of "Never Found A Girl" and "Cold Sweat" -- plus originals "Soul Buster pt 1", "Chico's Barnyard", "Kick The Blanket", "Thunder Chicken", and "Joseph's Popcorn".

1. Thunder Chicken
2. Never Found A Girl
3. Jody's Walk
4. Joseph's Popcorn
5. Chico's Barnyard
6. Kick the Blanket
7. Funky Belly
8. Ride Shank's Mare
9. Soul Buster Part 1
10. Cold Sweat

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Grazing in the Trash - The Soul Fire Funk 45 Collection

After the demise of funk revival pioneer label Desco, founders Philip Lehman and Gabe Roth parted ways. While Roth started Daptone Records, featuring a cleaner soulful sound, Lehman created Soul Fire Records to feature a dirtier raw funk sound. Soul Fire has reissued quality rare funk records and also produced modern funk artists recorded in that old authentic way. Unfortunately, the record label ceased its activities near the end of 2003. Graze in the trash with these heavy grooves from the label.

Soul Fire delivers another collection featuring both sides of some of their lo-fi and funky 7-inch singles from the recent past. And while the bands here don't breathe the same rarefied air the JB's, P-Funk, and the Meters do, their tasty-enough beats and arrangements should still keep the crate-digging elite happy. With the nascent funk of James Brown's late ‘60s material heavily in mind, both the Detroit Sex Machines and Lee Fields & the Explorers stretch out the blueprint with some natty guitar and horn work of their own. Working the Godfather's staple sound to similar effect, the Whitfield Brothers evoke the summery bongo psychedelics of early Funkadelic, while the Sugarman Three opt for a few shots of soul-jazz boogaloo. There's even some Afro-beat flavors, as Bama & the Family kick off the album with two flute-driven, Fela-inspired party jams – maybe not a document for the funk ages, but a late-nite groove treat for vinyl geeks all the same.
Stephen Cook, All Music Guide

Grazing in the Trash, Vol. 1: The Soul Fire Funk 45 Collection

1. Compin' And Smokin' - Calypso King & The Soul Investigators
2. Damper Down Popcorn - Calypso King & The Soul Investigators
3. Soul Safari - Speedometer
4. Two Beat Beast - Speedometer
5. Haaa-Sheesh - JD & The Evil Dynamite Band
6. Just Some More Haaa-Sheesh - JD & The Evil Dynamite Band
7. I'm The Man - Fields, Lee & The Explorers
8. Your Love (Is Something I Need) - Fields, Lee & The Explorers
9. Majestic Soul - Third Point
10. Welfare Line - Third Point
11. There It Is - Soul Command
12. Hook N' Sling - Soul Command
13. Fast Funk Instrumental - Supersonics
14. Beats 1 Thru 11 - Various Artists

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Grazing in the Trash, Vol. 2: The Soul Fire Funk 45 Collection

1. Don't Think...Do - Bama & The Family
2. Get Up In Your Hot Pants - Bama & The Family
3. Soul Dig part 1 - The Soul Diggers
4. Soul Dig part 2 - The Soul Diggers
5. Solid Funk - The Sugarman Three
6. Funky Moon - The Sugarman Three
7. Soul Dynamite - Lee Fields & The Explorers
8. Ain't It Funky Now - Lee Fields & The Explorers
9. Funky Crawl - The Detroit Sex Machines
10. Rap It Together - The Detroit Sex Machines
11. Get Down - Joseph Henry & The Soul Command
12. Moon Mission - Joseph Henry & The Soul Command
13. In The Raw - The Whitefield Brothers
14. The Bastard - The Whitefield Brothers