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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

JD & the Evil's Dynamite Band

Part of the Soul Fire stable of retro-leaning deep funk artists, JD & the Evil's Dynamite Band specialize in heavy psychedelic funk that evokes the experimentalism of the late '60s and early '70s (but wasn't actually produced in that time period, as Soul Fire claims). Following the non-LP single "Haaa-Sheesh," their debut full-length, Explodes Across the Nation, was released in 2001.

Explodes Across the Nation (Soul Fire 2001)

The mysterious and oddly named JD & the Evil's Dynamite Band offer a fresh new sound for the funk revival label Soul Fire, laying down a mind-bending psychedelic funk groove that -- unlike some of the label's other acts -- isn't immediately beholden to any one influence. Loads of wah-wah guitars, plus some choppy organ and echoing flute, are the main parts of their sound; there are also some incomprehensible background voices on several cuts which add to the overall atmosphere, including sinister whispers on the free-form percussion jam "The Evil D's." The background noises on the two-part "Everglades" conjure up images of a foreboding swamp at night, while other tracks feature a Meters influence filtered through the lens of, ahem, altered perception. If you're looking for dark, heavy, primal funk, this is a cut below labelmates the Whitefield Brothers' In the Raw, but as a mind trip unto itself, it creates a pretty effective atmosphere -- more spacy and creepy than wild'n'crazy, insinuating itself gradually. Overall, an intriguing debut that the group will hopefully build upon.

1. Kalhari
2. Heavy, Heavy...Heavy
3. Mean Scene
4. Beer, (So Nice) Right On
5. The Evil D's
6. Sunday Kind Of Love
7. Flames Of Darkness
8. Backwards Intentions
9. Everglades Part 1
10. Everglades Part 2
11. My Beach, My Waves, Fuck Off!


E-mile said...

strange but nice album...
new to me!
thanks, E-mile

visuals said...

Nice post! I purchased this back in 04' on cd and found that their sound is equally impressive as it is strange. This is eerie and dark evil funk with a tripped out background environment. Out of all the Soul Fire cd's that I own, This ranks among the top alongside the likes of the afformentioned "Whitefield Brothers" and "Calypso King & The Soul Investigators". All good stuff that I value as well as recommend. Good post

heavywilderness said...

anyway to get a re-up on this? can't seem to find it anywhere.