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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Grazing in the Trash - The Soul Fire Funk 45 Collection

After the demise of funk revival pioneer label Desco, founders Philip Lehman and Gabe Roth parted ways. While Roth started Daptone Records, featuring a cleaner soulful sound, Lehman created Soul Fire Records to feature a dirtier raw funk sound. Soul Fire has reissued quality rare funk records and also produced modern funk artists recorded in that old authentic way. Unfortunately, the record label ceased its activities near the end of 2003. Graze in the trash with these heavy grooves from the label.

Soul Fire delivers another collection featuring both sides of some of their lo-fi and funky 7-inch singles from the recent past. And while the bands here don't breathe the same rarefied air the JB's, P-Funk, and the Meters do, their tasty-enough beats and arrangements should still keep the crate-digging elite happy. With the nascent funk of James Brown's late ‘60s material heavily in mind, both the Detroit Sex Machines and Lee Fields & the Explorers stretch out the blueprint with some natty guitar and horn work of their own. Working the Godfather's staple sound to similar effect, the Whitfield Brothers evoke the summery bongo psychedelics of early Funkadelic, while the Sugarman Three opt for a few shots of soul-jazz boogaloo. There's even some Afro-beat flavors, as Bama & the Family kick off the album with two flute-driven, Fela-inspired party jams – maybe not a document for the funk ages, but a late-nite groove treat for vinyl geeks all the same.
Stephen Cook, All Music Guide

Grazing in the Trash, Vol. 1: The Soul Fire Funk 45 Collection

1. Compin' And Smokin' - Calypso King & The Soul Investigators
2. Damper Down Popcorn - Calypso King & The Soul Investigators
3. Soul Safari - Speedometer
4. Two Beat Beast - Speedometer
5. Haaa-Sheesh - JD & The Evil Dynamite Band
6. Just Some More Haaa-Sheesh - JD & The Evil Dynamite Band
7. I'm The Man - Fields, Lee & The Explorers
8. Your Love (Is Something I Need) - Fields, Lee & The Explorers
9. Majestic Soul - Third Point
10. Welfare Line - Third Point
11. There It Is - Soul Command
12. Hook N' Sling - Soul Command
13. Fast Funk Instrumental - Supersonics
14. Beats 1 Thru 11 - Various Artists

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Grazing in the Trash, Vol. 2: The Soul Fire Funk 45 Collection

1. Don't Think...Do - Bama & The Family
2. Get Up In Your Hot Pants - Bama & The Family
3. Soul Dig part 1 - The Soul Diggers
4. Soul Dig part 2 - The Soul Diggers
5. Solid Funk - The Sugarman Three
6. Funky Moon - The Sugarman Three
7. Soul Dynamite - Lee Fields & The Explorers
8. Ain't It Funky Now - Lee Fields & The Explorers
9. Funky Crawl - The Detroit Sex Machines
10. Rap It Together - The Detroit Sex Machines
11. Get Down - Joseph Henry & The Soul Command
12. Moon Mission - Joseph Henry & The Soul Command
13. In The Raw - The Whitefield Brothers
14. The Bastard - The Whitefield Brothers

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