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Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Bamboos

The Bamboos are Australia's premier Deep Funk outfit. Masters of super-heavy, raw and upfront drum-break driven grooves. Led by Guitarist Lance Ferguson (Equatorial Records/Lanu/No Comply), other members include Ben Grayson (Hammond Organ), Danny Farrugia (Drums), Yuri Pavlinov (Bass), Anton Delecca (Sax/Flute) and Ross Irwin (Trumpet).

The Bamboos formed in 2001 and released the 7" single 'Eel Oil/Blackfoot', earning them international acclaim from the likes of Snowboy, Mr Scruff, Jazzanova, Patrick Forge and Russ Dewbury.

Their next release 'Tighten Up/Voodoo Doll' was picked up by Kenny Dope (Masters At Work) and Keb Darge (Legendary Deep Funk) for their U.S-based imprint Kay-Dee Records.

Making their home at Tru Thoughts records (home to Quantic and Alice Russell) in 2005, The Bamboos debut album ‘Step it Up’ was released jointly by Tru Thoughts and Ubiquity Records (US).
The latest Bamboos album ‘Rawville’ has been described by IDJ magazine (UK) as ‘Arguably the best Funk album of the modern era…”
It was JBHiFi, Radio National and 3PBS FM’s ‘album of the week’ upon release in May 2007.
In 2004 and 2005 The Bamboos toured Australia and New Zealand alongside Quantic and Alice Russell to universal acclaim.

In 2006 and 2007 The Bamboos toured Europe and the U.K, bringing their unmistakable sound to venues including The Jazz Café in London and countries including Germany, Spain, Ireland, Italy and Belgium. The Bamboos live shows have evolved into non-stop mixtape-style throwdowns that draw the links between Hip Hop, Funk and old-school Breaks.

The Bamboos have performed at events including Meredith Music Festival, Falls Festival, The West Coast Blues & Roots Festival, The St Kilda Festival, The Sydney Festival, Trop Fest and have appeared on the ABC TV Show ‘Sunday Arts’

The Bamboos music has been featured in the worlds highest rating TV Show ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ .

Step It Up (Ubiquity 2006)

With their limited-edition 7"s making waves among beat heads and soul connoisseurs around the world, the Bamboos were quickly snapped up by Tru Thoughts in the U.K. and Ubiquity in the U.S. for their debut album. And Step It Up lives up to the hype and then some, as the band is as tight as any modern-day funk ensemble could possibly be. Exorcising the spirits of the Meters, the J.B.'s, and boogaloo giants long passed, the group delivers a fiery 11-song session that's as potent as any other band performing today. Alice Russell's vocal contributions on "Step It Up" and Afronaught's now classic broken beat anthem "Transcend Me" are bright and near flawless. This is an album custom-made for sweaty summer dance and house parties, or driving around the strip in your best car or newly polished scooter coming straight out of storage from the winter. Anyone needing a good shot of soul or a reaffirmation in the sound would be well served in picking this up.

1. Step It Up
2. Tighten Up/Album Version
3. In The Bamboo Grove
4. Golden Rough
5. Black Foot
6. Transcend Me
7. Tobago Strut
8. Another Day In The Life Of Mr. Jones
9. Crooked Cop
10. Eel Oil
11. Voodoo Doll/Album Version


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Rawville (Tru Thoughts 2007)

For this album Rawville, they have kept the raw organ funk that was the centre of their previous release Step It Up, but have additionally adopted further styles which are on the whole more experimental and sound fuller than their last outing. This is distinguished with the use of a larger horn section for a thicker sound; most notable on tracks like Tongan Steel and Pussy Footin’.
In addition, this time they have split between the number of instrumental and vocal tunes with varying collaborations.
That unadulterated funky drum-break sound is evident right from the word go as flutes and trumpets stomp all over the first track, The Bamboos Theme, and much of the album continues in the same vein of vigour and melodies that make you want to move your feet.
For the first single off this album Get In The Scene, they have recruited hip hop vocalist Ohmega Watts, fresh from working on the last Quantic album. A personal favourite MC of The Bamboos’ Lance, this is a more accessible first release that will appeal to those who may not familiar with previous TT releases.
Most of the other collaborations adorn more relaxed and chilled beats and are notably provided by Tru Thoughts’ favourite lady Alice Russell, who belts out her usual energetic and lavish vocals over Bring It Home, and Fallon Williams whose soulful singing graces the strolling bass and punchy sax of My Baby’s Cheating.
With this one set to drop in early May, Tru Thoughts release yet another positive disco record, holding true to their keen eye for quality and diverse live acts.

1. Bamboos Theme
2. Bring It Home - The Bamboos, Alice Russell
3. Get in the Scene - The Bamboos, Ohmega Watts
4. Witch
5. My Baby's Cheating (I Sure Got the Feeling) - The Bamboos, Fallon Williams
6. I Don't Wanna Stop - Kylie Auldist, The Bamboos
7. Head in the Clouds - The Bamboos,
8. Happy
9. Rockin' It - The Bamboos, Ohmega Watts
10. Pussy Footin'
11. Rawville
12. Tongan Steel


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