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Monday, April 7, 2008

Sugarman Three

New York City retro-funk combo the Sugarman 3 was formed by saxophonist Neal Sugarman in the spring of 1996 following his return from New Orleans, where he backed artists including Eddie Henderson and Mike Longo. Teaming with organist Adam Scone (a onetime protege of Ben Dixon) and longtime Brother Jack McDuff drummer Rudy Albin, the trio -- inspired by the vintage jazz-funk sounds of the 1960s -- quickly emerged as a club favorite, and with guitarist Coleman Mellett, the Sugarman 3 recorded their 1998 Desco label debut Sugar's Boogaloo. A single, "Cherry Pickin'," preceded the release of the combo's second album, Soul Donkey. Sweet Spot, a compilation of the previous two albums, appeared in spring 2001. That fall the band met with former Desco Records owner Gabriel Roth and producer Bosco Mann to form Daptone Records, label that would reflect their interests and act as a platform for Sugarman 3 albums. The first of these projects appeared in the summer of 2002, when Sugarman 3's Pure Can Sugar arrived in stores.

Sugar's Boogaloo (Desco 1998 )

The Sugarman Three's debut album, Sugar's Boogaloo, is a slice of vintage Blue Note-style soul-jazz, with alto saxophonist Lou Donaldson being perhaps the most obvious touchstone. The music is primarily driven by groove and rhythm, with Neal Sugarman's melodic, R&B-based saxophone providing most of the leads. Sugarman's playing stays solidly within the groove, so jazz fans looking for improvisational fireworks will probably not find Sugar's Boogaloo as interesting as the artists who influenced it. But fans of earthy, greasy jazz-funk and rare groove will delight in the fact that this music is being revived -- and in such danceable, soulful fashion.

1. Sugar's Boogaloo
2. Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
3. Sock Monkey
4. Sunshine Superman
5. Skunk Walk
6. Suzy Q
7. Sweet Tooth
8. Red Wine
9. Hot Sauce
10. Hankerin'


Soul Donkey (Desco 2000)

The Sugarman Three's second album for Desco Records, Soul Donkey isn't markedly different from its predecessor, delivering catchy, infectious, funky soul-jazz instrumentals driven by leader Neal Sugarman's alto sax and Adam Scone's Hammond organ. The group positively revels in their late-'60s sound, and their sincere appreciation for the somewhat maligned groove style communicates itself very effectively.

1. Soul Donkey
2. Chicken Half
3. Baby I Love You
4. Turtle Walk
5. Daisy Rides Again
6. Double Back
7. Pull My Cart
8. Mulin' Around
9. Saddle for Two
10. Out a Sight
11. So Long Donkey


it can be found on found on :

Sweet Spot (Unique Records 2001 )

Amazing but true, this is a record from 2001 ! A compilation from the Sugarman Three’s first 2 LP’s (Sugar’s Boogaloo & Soul Donkey) + some singles that cames out on the now defunct Desco label . They sound very authentic, recorded in the 90’s in the Desco Studios ( New-York ), this LP features tenor sax, Hammond organ, guitar and drums, no voices, but anyway a great cover of « 2001 - a space odissey » !
Don’t miss this if you’re a carefully listener of Lou Donaldson, Jimmy Smith, Brother Jack Mc Duff & George Benson ; just because this a real boogaloo set. Very rare to hear this kinda music today played by contemporary musicians. Seems to be an UMO ( Unidentified Musical Object ) but it’s true !

A1- Sweet Spot
A2- Turtle Walk
A3- Sock Monkey
A4- Daisy's Boogaloo
A5- Daisy Rides Again
A6- 2001
A7- Chicken Half

Side 2 :

B1- Hot Sauce
B2- Cherry Pickin'
B3- Soul Barrio Pt. 2
B4- Double Back
B5- Mudd Slide
B6- Five Four Five
B7- Sweet Tooth


Pure Cane Sugar ( Daptone Records 2002)

Picking up where their 7" singles left off, Sugarman Three provides 11 memorable, booty-shaking moments on this 2002 release. Although Sugarman Three has received many Jon Spencer comparisons from indie rock circles, Pure Cane Sugar is a slick and soulful slab of raw RB that carries little of the screaming and noise of Spencer's outfit. Instead, they harness the sharp timing of funk and produce intensely groovy instrumentals with the occasional guest vocalist making an appearance. The best use of a singer is "Take It As It Comes," a James Brown-style number that uses a tight horn part to drive the song along while Sugarman Three jams away in all their funky glory. Other highlights include the mid-tempo groove of "Pure Cane," the Motown-esque "Modern Jive," and the saxophone extravaganza "Country Girl." The key to Sugarman Three's magic is the tension they manage to pull out of these songs, making each glorious breakdown seem like a genuine release. Soulful, swaggering, and fun, Pure Cane Sugar is a fantastic modern funk release that journeys into the complicated rhythms and bass lines of the genre's heyday and comes back ready to dance.

1. Funky So-And -So 3:55
2. Take It As It Comes feat. Charles Bradley 5:59
3. Pure Cane 4:00
4. Shot Down feat. Lee Fields 3:14
5. Modern Jive feat. Bernard Purdie 3:14
6. Promised Land feat. Naomi Davis 2:37
7. Bosco's Country 3:02
8. Country Girl 3:48
9. Honey Wagon 2:57
10. Le Culebra 3:37
11. Down To It 4:38


it can be found on :


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