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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ike Turner & The Kings Of Rhythm

A Black Man`s Soul (Pompeii Records 1969)

First released in 1969, "A Black Man`s Soul" captured Ike Turner & His Kings Of Rhythm at their funkiest. Armed with songs written by Turner, his St. Louis colleague Oliver Sain and more, Ike & His Kings combined R&B with funk, rock and gospel to create an album that shows off the wide spectrum of black music. This release contains some of the finest and most sought-after examples of Ike Turner`s funk artistry, including Grammy-nominated "Thinking Black" and DJ breakbeat jewel "Funky Mule". 1969 was a banner year for Ike & The Kings of Rhythm, as well as for Tina Turner. At the Grammy Awards, "Thinking Black" was nominated in the category of Best R&B Instrumental while Tina made the list of nominees for Best Female R&B Singer. Included are all tracks from the original 1969 release, plus unreleased bonus tracks that offer a fine meal to any aficionado or an in-depth primer to those just discovering the globally reaching genius, funk, and soul of Ike Turner.


1.) Thinking Black - (2:41)
2.) Black Beauty - (2:28)
3.) Ghetto Funk - (2:31)
4.) Black`s Ally - (2:44)
5.) Black Angel - (3:14)
6.) Getting Nasty - (3:08)
7.) Funky Mule - (3:23)
8.) Philly Dog - (2:24)
9.) Scotty Souling - (2:59)
10.) Up Hard - (2:41)
11.) Nuttin` Up - (2:27)
12.) Freedom Sound - (2:38)


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Alex said...

Very cool. Track 6 "Getting Nasty" was sampled by Jurassic 5 on the song "Concrete Schoolyard", glad to find the original!

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