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Monday, June 16, 2008

Baby Charles

This is unashamed, retro, feel good, funky music. Baby Charles hail from Brighton & with this debut have produced one of the best deep funk albums of recent times. Fronted by soul diva Dionne Charles the band have created an album full of killer grooves. Baby Charles are a special band. Their funky music is simultaneously tight but loose, heavy but soulful and dirty… yet beautiful.

Fronted by soul sensation Dionne Charles; the guitar, bass, keys, drums, flute, sax and trombone lay down the deeply funky tunes. Inspired by the late-sixties sounds from the likes of The J.B.s and The Meters, Baby Charles knows how to deliver the soulful goods. This band knows how to play a fine repertoire of songs, ranging from covers of old soul-funk classics to other more obscure grooves. They also have their own material, including the three 45s: 'No Controlling Me', 'Back of My Hand' and 'I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor', released in 2006, 2007 and 2008 respectively.

Baby Charles - Baby Charles (2008)

A killer full length debut from Baby Charles -- one of the most soulful deep funk combos we've heard in a long time! The group have been bubbling under for a few years with a handful of singles, but this set really shows the full range of their powers -- and comes off like some lost indie soul set from years back! Dionne Charles is a heck of a great lead singer -- belting out the tunes here with enough raw power to match any of the other current deep funk divas on the scene -- and the rest of the group is plenty tight with their rhythms -- knowing just when to come on hard, and when to kick back a bit.

Well, my humble opinion is that this album is a delight to behold!
don't miss it.


01 Treading Water
02 Invisible
03 Comin' From A Higher Place
04 Life's Begun
05 No Controlling Me
06 Hard Man To Please
07 Step On
08 Indecision
09 I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
10 Back Of My Hand
11 This Time
12 The Sphinx

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Egan Ehlers said...

Great record. Thanks for sharing.

Funkmaster said...

Love it, thanks!

Satan_My_Lord said...

a delight to behold...what a poet!

that's a true inspiration for my miserable writings!

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