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Friday, June 20, 2008

The Herbaliser

Same As It Never Was (K7 2008)

The Herbaliser are all about moving forward, onwards and upwards. Bonding over a shared love of jazz, funk, rare groove and hip hop in the early 1990s, West London duo Jake Wherry and Ollie Teeba have evolved with each chapter in their 15-year story. First it was instrumental beats, breaks and samples. Then they added guest rappers and vocalists. Later, as international festival favourits, their line-up swelled into a mini-orchestra with lush arranges to match. On their latest album, Same As It Was, The Helbaliser hit a dazzling new peak. With a new label, a new main vocalist, and a new focus on soulful songwriting, this is their richest and most diverse record so far. A timless modern soul record, it should appeal not just to specialist fans but also to a new generation seduced by the knowing pop-soul nostalgia of Amy Winehouse or Mark Ronson. Glossy and gritty, organic and eclectic, Same As I Never Was builds on the band`s hip hop roots with jazz, pop and instrumental soundtrack influences...

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1.) Same As It Never Was - (3.39)
2.) On Your Knees (feat. Jessica Darling) - (4:12)
3.) Just Won`t Stop (feat. Yungun aka. Essa) - (3:24)
4.) The Next Stop - (5:33)
5.) Can`t Help This Feeling (feat. Jessica Darling) - (3:22)
6.) Amores Bongo - (4:10)
7.) Street Karma (A Cautionary Tale) (feat. Jean Grae) - (3:39)
8.) You`re Not All That (feat. Jessica Darling) - (4:53)
9.) Blackwater Drive - (4:57)
10.) Game Set and Match (feat. More Or Les) - (4:14)
11.) Clap Your Hands (feat. Jessica Darling) - (3:18)
12.) Stranded on Earth (feat. Jessica Darling) - (6:44)


You can buy it here!


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