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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


yet another introductory post, this time about BOOGALLO.

Wiki says that "Boogaloo or Bugalu (shing-a-ling, popcorn music) is a genre of Latin music and dance that was very popular in the United States in the late 1960s. Boogaloo originated in New York City among teenage Cubans and Puerto Ricans. The style was a fusion of popular African American R&B, rock and roll and soul with mambo and son montuno."

Starting out as a youth "counter revolution" kind of music, it was scorned at first by the older latin artists (like Tito Puente, Eddie Palmieri, etc). Those young "punks" played not the "sophisticated, intelligent music they should" but DANCE MUSIC.
Slowly they gained momentum, and around '66 there was a slew of mainstream hits such as “Bang, Bang”, “ Pete’s Boogalu” and “I Like it Like That”.

Major boogaloo bandleaders included Joe Cuba, Ricardo Ray, Pete Rodriguez and Johnny Colon. During its heyday nearly every major Latin band recorded boogaloos including Ray Barretto, El Gran Combo and even Eddie Palmieri, one of the styles most visible opponents.

Unlike the archtypical salsa, there was no structured dance style or patterns associated with Boogalu. It tended to be a freestyle dance without a closed embrace where partners often faced each other and created spontaneous innovative steps in response to the music much like other popular dances of the 60's.

There are many excuses as to why Boogaloo died out, some claim it was a combined "establishment" disliking of the genre, some say it was just a fad. The truth is that Boogaloo hasnt really died.
it was sent into the rear as salsa and other lighter latin styles took over.
but you might recall Burger King's ad that used in the late 90's, as well as the incredible sample (more like ripoff) by christina Aguilera "Aint no other man"
dont worry, you have here the original hook, hidden.

these 4 compilations will give you a nice basis in boogaloo, so get them, blast them up, and enjoy your summer!



01 - tnt boys - musica del ama

02 - ray & his court - de eso nada monada

03 - lebron brother - boogaloo lebron
04 - willie bobo - shing a ling baby

05 - tito puente - safari
06 - king errison - alone
07 - monguo santamaria - forked tongue
08 - agua bella - headstrong
09 - latin soul rock all stars - smoke

10 - azuquita - california
11 - katunga - bailando despacito

12 - jose angual & carlos patato valdez - masacote
13 - el chicano - viva tirado

the link:

El Barrio - The Bad Boogaloo (Nu Yorican Sounds 1960-1970)


01. La Lupe - Fever
02. Joe Cuba Sextet - Gimme Some Love

03. Lenni Sesar - Morris Park
04. Ralph Robles - Come & Get It
05. Bobby Valentín - Bad Breath
06. Ray Barretto - Mercy Mercy Baby
07. Eddie Palmieri - Aye Que Rico
08. Joey Pastrana - King Of Latin Soul
09. Dave Cortez With The Moon People - Happy Soul With A Hook
10. King Nando - Mama's Girl
11. George Guzman - Marilu
12. Vladimir And His Orchestra - Baby Boo Boogaloo

13. The Latinaires - Camel Walk

14. Ray Rodriguez & His Orchestra - Jumpin With Symphony Sid
15. Johnny Colon - What You Mean
16.Johnny Ventura - Guajira Con Soul

the link:

Nu Yorika Roots


01 ray barretto - together
02 tito puente - oye como va

03 tito rodriguez - descarga cachao

04 ray barretto - acid

05 harvey averne - the word
06 joe cuba - el pito
07 mongo santamaria - druma kuyi

08 machito - tanga
09 eddie palmieri - my spiritual indian
10 arsenio rodriguez - se formo el bochinche

11 tito puente - tito on timbales

12 tito rodriguez - mama guela

the link:

yo! latin hot funk from el barrio (2002)


01 Jimmy Sabater - Yroco (2:48)
02 Joe Bataan - I'm Satisfied (3:33)
03 Mongo Santamaria - Sing A Simple Song (3:30)

04 Tito Puente - 110th Street And 5th Avenue (2:42)
05 Cortijo & His Time Machine - La Verdad (5:37)

06 La Crema De New York - The Cisco Kid (4:07)
07 Monguito Santamaria - You Need Help (2:23)
08 Bobby Valentin - Yo (3:29)
09 Eddie Palmieri - Somebody's Son (10:08)

10 Bobby Matos - Return To Spanish Harlem (2:25)
11 Pete Rodriguez - Besito Con Mozancha (5:30)

12 Latin Blues Band - Lay An Oz On Me Baby (3:26)

13 Louie Ramirez - The New Breed (4:56)
14 Roberto Roena Y Su Apollo Sound - Ponte Duro (9:31)

the link:

learn more at the wiki page:
or here for a short article:

***i know i did not include all the covers. i am in the process of finding and posting them.
if you have them, feel free to link them in the comments.


Anonymous said...

That track from Christina was produced by DJ Premier, by the way great blog,thanks for The Apples!

senic said...

now that shareon all is closed...houston we have a problem...

Anonymous said...

whats up with a re-post of those albums?

jayinches said...

Thanks but . . .OH! A link that you can't access? Oh well . . . ;-( Too late for this I guess

John Murko said...

Hello owner of this BLOG!
Anychance you could post a working link to the 1st Album PLZ !!!

In fact it's called "Playtime 2 -- 9 Pure Latin Soul & Boogaloo Tracks" and it's on a French label called HiFly.

I had bought the Cd ages ago and I've lost it ! I have been trying really hard to find it on the internet and this place seems to be the only one...That would be awesome from you upload it again...

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