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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Texas Funk: Hard Texas Funk 1968-1975/21 Rare & Unreleased Cuts

This is the kind of funk they've been hiding from you all these years -- the real deal, the heavy stuff, the type of work that's made driving around the country looking for rare 45s so worthwhile! This material's the kind that makes a trip like that happen -- super-rare funk from Texas, dug up by the Jazzman posse, and given the stamp of approval by DJ Shadow! The package is a perfect introduction to the lost heritage of Texas funky work -- as it not only includes 21 searing tracks of funk (some of the best we've heard compiled in a long time!), but it also features a breakdown of the different scenes in the state, and a full set of notes on each tune, complete with an image of the original 45! The whole thing's unbelievable -- as well researched as it is hard and funky, and a delight to the ears throughout. Titles include "Give Everybody Some" by Mickey & The Soul Generation, "Sissy Strut" by Joe Bravo, "Soul Pot" by The Soul Ones, "Every Man For Himself" by The Road Runners, "Super Funk" by Vern Blair Debate, "Soul Pride" by Little Joe & The Latinaires, "I Turn You On" by Latin Breed, "Funky Stuff" by Little Jr Jesse & His Teardrops & The Tears, "Funky Chick" by The Majestics, and "Do Your Thing (parts 1 & 2)" by Zapata.

Texas Funk: Hard Texas Funk 1968-1975/21 Rare & Unreleased Cuts
Label - Jazzman
Released - 2004
Style - Funk, Jazz, Soul, Lee Library

1. I Turn You On - Latin Breed
2. Reach Out (And Give Me Your Hand) - Tickled Pink
3. Get Down - Sunny & The Sunliners
4. Funky Chick - Majestics
5. Funky Stuff - Little Jr. Jessie & His Teardrops
6. Sagittarius Black - McNealy, Timothy
7. Evil Ways - Brothers Seven
8. Do Your Thing - Zapata
9. There's Got To Be Someone For Me - Groove Merchants
10. Give Everybody Some - Mickey & The Soul Generation
11. Every Man For Himself - Road Runners
12. Super Funk - Blair, Vern Debate
13. Soul Pot - Soul Ones
14. Who Will Be Next Fool - Tyson, 'Little' Jimmy & The Highway Robbers
15. Sissy Strut - Joe Bravo
16. Funky Smunk - Brothers Seven
17. Power Struggle - Polk, James & The Brothers
18. I Got The Feeling - Bobby & The Premiers
19. Clean Up Man - Finley, Eddie & The Cincinatti Show Band
20. Soul Pride - Little Joe & The Latinaires
21. Psycho - Fabulous Mark III

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