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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

MojoClub Dancefloor Jazz collection

Mojo Club

One of the most tasteful clubs in hamburg is the "Mojo Club". It opened up in 1991 and had several side activities like a shop, a lounging club and a record series.

The starting point was the music, from the beginning they called it "Dancefloor Jazz". It is jazz music from the 60's and 70's, that is very danceable. When they started to play that kind of music, it was new in the club and dance scene, because in the 60's that style of music hardly found its way over the ocean from america and in the 70's it were mostly intellectuals who listened concentrated to the virtuosly playing musicians instead of dancing. So they had to build their audience up by organising a lot of parties in different locations until they felt the time was right to open a club of their own.

They found a room on the famous "Reeperbahn", which is the main street of Hamburgs red-light- and also the amusement- and partydistrict. Before it was a musical instrument shop, so they had to improvise a club. They rent a sound-system and installed some slide projectors with images of 60's jazz musicians to produce the right mood. First they only opend on saturdays but soon found some like minded dj's to do the friday that concentrated on a more modern aspect of jazz: electric jazz.

They called the club "Mojo-Club". Mojo is somekind of positive magic in the carribean voodoo-cult. The term was familiar because it appeared in the jazz-music, so they took it as the name for the club. A friend of them, Marion Schnelle, did a logo, and for the flyers they had some rudimentary rules like "never use serif-fonts" as a first step of visual identity.

In 92 the Mojo-crew opend a shop where they sold old and rare records and also clothes, club couture mostly from england that you couldn't get somewhere else in Hamburg. Their style was mod-orientaded and also reached to old-school Adidas stuff. Even a hair-cutter was included in the shop, so you could get everything you need for a satisfied clubbers lifestyle!

That year they also released the first Mojo Club - dancefloor jazz sampler. It contained unknown songs from the 60's to early 70's by artists like Jimmy Smith, Roy Ayers, James Brown, Kool And The Gang and Nina Simone. The record was a big success, so it became a series, The club became very famous, people started waiting in a queue and the dj's made a tour through germany.

1995/96 times changed. The shop was closed and the Mojo people cared more about the music and the club again. Drum and bass came, the Mojo Club invited nearly all of the Metalheadz djs and the new loungin' music of Kruder and Dorfmeister who also played made Mojo-clubbing fresh again. A second record series ("Electric Mojo") was started with now two volumes and two remix albums. Raphael Marionneau developed a strict corporate identity for the mojo club that gave the club a strong identity. He also does his own club-night at the mojo club. On wednesdays it's time for "Le Cafe Abstrait". Raphael carries a lot of sofas into the club and plays relaxing chill-out music.

Next to the Mojo Club was a chinese family restaurant, the "Mandarin". Instead of selling and serving food the restaurant was in businesses like selling travels, copying asian soft-porns and cutting hair in their restaurant rooms. Someday in 1999 the family suddenly disappeared and left the rooms like they were. the Mojo people immediatly felt like using those rooms for something special. They built "a club without dancing" into the large frontroom called "The Mandarin". Chouches and small wooden walls that divide the seat-groups but not the room in small units.

Cool retro modern furniture with a lot of chinese noble-kitsch, like a giant dragon on the ceiling with red glowing eyes. They serve exquisite drinks and play a stimulating lounge music. After a year the Mandarin was so overcrowded, that they decided to open a backroom as a more private club, as quiet oasis. You need a special key-label to access it, therefore it's more relaxed and if you want you can play video games that are integrated very nice into the furniture.

Two weeks ago a third club was opend up. It's called "Mandalay". This time it's again a club with a dancefloor, but the name, the styling and the music are closer to the lounge feeling of the Mandarin. We checked it out last week-end and were astonished how many people were there, although they didn't do any advertisement like flyers or posters for it. leif told us, that they have two more rooms to open there, so we're very curious how they will look like...

Mojo Club
Address: Reeperbahn 1, 20359 Hamburg, Germany

Modern Dancefloor Jazz Vol 1

01 Stay Loose - Jimmy Smith
02 Watermelon Man - Fred Wesley & The JB's
03 He's A Superstar - Roy Ayers Ubiquity
04 No Hay Problema - Art Blakey
05 Burning Spear - Kenny Burrell
06 Cantaloupe Island - Hugh Masekela
07 The Popcorn - James Brown
08 Duji - Kool And The Gang
09 The Selma March - Grant Green
10 In And Out - Brian Auger
11 See Line Woman - Nina Simone
12 No. 9 - Jack Daugherty
13 Big Schlepp - Dave Pike
14 Last Night - Georgie Fame

01 For What It's Worth - Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66
02 Hicky Burr - Quincy Jones
03 You Can't Love Me If You Don't Respect Me - Lyn Collins
04 Hagalo - Mandrill
05 Boo-Go-Loo - Les McCann
06 Put Your Gun Down Brother - Riot
07 Gator Tail - Lee Dorsey
08 Mr. Clean - Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Bass
09 SHHHHHH! (For a Little While) - James Brown
10 Monticello - Monty Alexander
11 Swimmin' Home Baby - Willis Jackson
12 Fingertips - Little Stevie Wonder
13 Johnny Shaft - Sammy Davis Jr.
14 That Kaycee Thing - Nathan Davis Quintet

01 Work To Do - The Isleys
02 Samba Do Suenho - Cal Tjader
03 Overtime Man - Donald Covay
04 Outrageous - Johnny Pate
05 Sayin/ It & Doin' It Are Two Different Things - Bobby Byrd
06 Fallout - Roland Kirk
07 Why And How - Mark Murphy
08 Crickets Sing For Anamaria - Marcos Valle
09 Happy Brasilia - James Last
10 Mathar - Dave Pike
11 Cravo e Canela - Milton Nascimento
12 Terra Samba - Fritz Pauer
13 Blood Donors Needed (Give All You Can) - David Ruffin
14 Mais Que Nada - Alan Lorber Orchestra
15 Samba Blim - Tamba 4
16 Fiesta - Klaus Doldinger
17 Get Out Of My Life, Woman - Dee Dee, Barry And The Movements
18 Zabuda - Junior Mance
19 Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Live - Odyssey

01 Light My Fire - Shirley Bassey
02 Zazueira - Elis Regina
03 Jimmy Jean - Ellen McIlwaine
04 Dyambo - Hugh Masekela
05 Hummin' - Roy Ayers
06 Hit Or Miss - Odetta
07 Transmazonica - Tania Maria
08 Oba, La Vem Ela - Jorge Ben
09 Give Me Some Of That Good Old Love - Willie Hutch
10 Sweet Darling Think It Over - Junior Wells
11 Hold Out Your Hand - Karin Krog
12 Balanca Pema - Ronaldo Mesquita
13 Pai - Baden Powell
14 Sunny - James Brown, Dee Felice Trio
15 Return Of The Prodigal Son - Joe Lee Wilson
16 Use It Or Lose It - Gotham
17 Pretty Brown Skin - Edwin Birdsong
18 Easin In - 'Edwin Starr
19 Try To Relax - Ballin' Jack

01 Sunshine Of Your Love - Ella Fitzgerald
02 Solar Level - Johnny Almond Music Machine
03 Young Generation - Dakota Station
04 Mano Caetano - Maria Bethania
05 Ponteio - Edu Lobo
06 Hold Me, I've Got To Leave You - Jonny Teupen
07 On Broadway - Jess Roden
08 Guru - Vin' - Don Sebesky
09 Cinnamon And Clove - Lee Evans
10 Tema Rio 65 - Trio Rio 65
11 Troublemaker - John Cameron
12 Hair - Galt MacDermot
13 Bat Macumba - Gilberto Gil
14 Woman , Woman - Johnny Bristol
15 California Soul - The Gimmicks
16 Move Your Hands - La Clave
17 Revelation - Charles Earland
18 Season of The Witch - Julie Driscoll

Modern Dancefloor Jazz Vol 6

01 Summer in the City - Quincy Jones
02 My Kind Of Sunshine - Dieter Reith
03 Thank You (Falletin Me Be Mice Elf Again) - Hearts Of Stone
04 Sittin' On My Knees - Dave Pike
05 Ponta De Lanca Africano - Jorge Ben
06 Bolero 75 - James Last
07 Feedback Brother - Peter Herbolzheimer
08 Salsation - David Shire
09 Etude In The Form Of Rhythm & Blues - Paul Mauriat
10 Psyche Rock - Michel Colombier, Pierre Henry
11 Here I Am Baby - The Marvelettes
12 Aquarius - George Shearing
13 Jungle Fever - Chakachas
14 Just Bring It Out - Wolfgang Dauner
15 Funky Like A Train - The Equals
16 Free - Seawind
17 Saiupa - Bossa Rio
18 Blues A Volente - Baden Powell

01 Give me your love - The Sister Love
02 Strange Games & Things - Love Unlimited Orchestra
03 Mundo Deserto - Elis Regina
04 Sambao - Walter Wanderley
05 Nao Bate o Coracao - Eumir Deodato
06 Wouri - Manu Dibango
07 Who Is She - Gladys Knight And The Pips
08 In Memory Of - Randy Weston
09 (Somebody Got) Soul Soul Soul - The Wild Magnolias
10 Take Us Down To The River - Michael Naura
11 Calypso Blues - Marvin Gaye
12 Roots - Willie Bobo
13 Praise The Lord - Mary Lou Williams
14 El Soul Condor - Certain Lions And Tigers
15 Maracaibo - Michel Legrand

01 Love The One You're With - The Supremes & The Four Tops
02 Sophisticated Wheels - Gabor Szabo
03 Dona Flor - Tania Maria
04 Boogie Bossa Nova - Quincy Jones
05 Thoughts Of Home - Jimmy Witherspoon
06 Back In The U.S.S.R. - Ramsey Lewis
07 I Love Every Little Thing About You - Syreeta
08 Move Me No Mountain - Love Unlimited
09 Two By Two - Eddie Fisher Quintet
10 I Like To Do It - The People's Choice
11 Sir Henry The Dancer - Casey & His Group
12 Noir C'est Noir - Johnny Hallyday
13 Big Mama Cass - Don Sebesky
14 I Belive In Miracles - The Jackson Sisters
15 Descarrego - Emilio Santioago
16 O orvalho vem caindo - Meirelles
17 Can't Sleep - Joanne Grauer Featuring Lorraine Feather
18 Day By Day - Greetje Dauffeld

01 Never Felt So Free - Free Orbit
02 Blues For We - Mel Brown
03 Love Train - Pete Belasco
04 Nofretete's Headache - Eric Thoner
05 Who Got The Number - Pigmeat Markham
06 Gogo Sitar - Kahuna Kawentzmann
07 Party Music - Francis Lai
08 Contraband - Gustav Brom
09 Le Coeur Qui Jazze - France Gall
10 Calamaty Lul - Ivan Julien
11 Theme From S.W.A.T. - Rhythm Heritage
12 Kaloule Woman - Malinga Five
13 Platano Split - Ben
14 Got Some (News For You) - Manolo
15 Bite You - Bo Diddley
16 Triangulo Dos Biquinis - Erasmo Carlos
17 Para Lennon & McCartney - Zimbo
18 Blues In The Galaxi - Groove Galaxi
19 Soul Vibrations - Dorothy Ashby
20 Midnight Bossa Nova - Ingrid Hoffman
21 Come Into Knowledge - Ramp

Modern Dancefloor Jazz Vol 10

cd 1
01 Dusty Springfield - Love Power
02 Esther Satterfield - Love Music
03 Bobby Bloom - Fanta
04 Gary McFarland - Bloop Bleep
05 Earl Grant - House Of Bamboo
06 Manny Corchado - Chicken & Booze
07 Lou Rawls - Everywhere I Go
08 Davy Jones - Sophisticated Sissy
09 Brian Auger, Julie Driscoll & The Trinity - Break It Up
10 Rob Agerbeek Quintet - The Chair Dance
11 Eddy Louiss - Mazurka Cocadou
12 Georgie Fame - Hot Stuff
13 Nara Leao - Cacara
14 Gato Barbieri - Fiesta
15 Joao Donato - Banaeira
16 Tim Maia - I Don't Know What To Do With Myself
17 Smoked Sugar - I'm A Winner
18 Lenny Williams - Choosing You
19 Peaches & Herb - Freeway
20 The Miracles - Ain't Nobody Straight In L.A.

cd 2 bonus tracks, limited edition

01 The Younghearts - Wake Up & Start Standing
02 1619 B.A.B. - For Your Love
03 Candido - Candido's Funk
04 Wilson Simonal - Noves Fora
05 Alcione - Acorda Que Eu Quero Ver
06 Nelson Riddle - It's Your Turn
07 Milton Nascimento - Gira Giro
08 Lyn Collins - Me And My Baby Got Our Own Thing Going
09 Shorty Long - Here Comes The Judge
10 T-Bone Walker - Poontang
11 Dave Mackay & Vicky Hamilton - Blues For Hari
12 Friedrich Gulda - Blues Fantasy
13 Irene Reid - Hey World, Let Love In
14 Etta James - Quick Reaction & Satisfaction
15 Arthur Prysock - Another Time, Another Place
16 Eddie Kendricks - Girl You Need A Change Of Mind Part 1 & 2
17 Marvin Gaye - You're The Man

01 Della Reese - I Got The Blues
02 The London Jazz Four - Things We Said Today
03 Mel Torme - Right Now
04 Diana Ross & The Supremes - He's My Sunny Boy
05 Barbara Acklin - Am I The Same Girl
06 Gordon Staples And The String Thing - Strung Out
07 Sugarpie Desanto - The Woo-Pee
08 Marvin Holmes - Ooh Ooh The Dragon
09 Steve Pepper & Sir Shree - Elephant?s Trunk
10 Ambros Seelos - Mabusso
11 Rose Royce - - Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
12 Coke Escovedo - I Wouldn?t Change A Thing
13 Nolen & Crossley - Salsa Boogie
14 Michel Camilo - On The Other Hand
15 Quartette Tres Bien - Boss Tres Bien
16 Oscar Brown Jnr. - Barra Limpa
17 Rosinha De Valenca - Tema Pro Luis
18 Puzzle - State Of Mind
19 Gloria Scott - That's What You Say
20 Lexia - Lady Rain

Modern Dancefloor Jazz Vol 12

1 Feeling Good
2 Z 'Avez Pas Lu Kafka
3 Pop Mod
4 Stand Up And Be Counted
5 Pick Up The Pieces One By One
6 Blows
7 Willie Chase
8 In The Name Of Love
9 Joker
10 Crazy Love
11 Long Skirt Baby Blues
12 V 2
13 Latin Soul
14 Ran Kan Kan
15 Bayu Bayu
16 Le Mauvais Numero
17 The Rock
18 Ape Shuffle
19 Let The Music Play
20 Cheap Lovin'

Modern Dancefloor Jazz Vol 13

01. Melvin Sparks - If You Want My Love
02. The Souljazz Orchestra - Insurrection
03. Joe Bataan - Chick-A-Boom
04. Robert Lowe - Put Your Legs Up High
05. Kelly Gordon - Independently Poor
06. Maynard Ferguson - Wack-Wack
07. Roberto Roena - Take Five
08. TNT Boys - Musica Del Alma
09. Joey Pastrana - My Shingaling
10. Chris Clark - C.C. Rider
11. The Shirelles - No Sugar Tonight
12. Toby Lark - Twenty-Four Hours
13. Tuomo - Don't Take it Too Hard
14. Mario Molino - Gli Angeli Del 2000
15. Don Ellis - Theme From 'The French Connection'
16. The Stance Brothers - Roll Call
17. Aiff - The Seduction
18. Dyna-Might - Borracho
19. Osaka Monaurail - Alligator Bogaloo
20. Energie Du Verre - Rockin' Habanera


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