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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Let's Boogaloo

1) Diplomats of Solid Sound - Don't touch my popcorn
2) Skeewiff - Nitty Gritty
3) Boogaloo Investigators - Let the groove move you
4) Joe Bataan - Chick a boom
5) The Harvey Avern Dozen - Never learned to dance
6) Link Quartet -
7) The Village Callers - Hector
8) MiniVip - La strada della moda
9) Stoned Soul Pic Nic - Koo Koo Land
10) Willie Bobo - He's that way
11) Nicola Conte - Jazz pour Dadine
12) Ray Barretto - Teacher of love
13) Monguito Santamaria - El Dorado
14) Gerardo Frisina - Sophisticated Samba
15) Cal Tjader - Ode to Billie Joe
16) SoulStance - The time has come

A1 The Hypnomen - Need no doctor
A2 Ray Barretto - New York Soul
A3 Eddie Bo & Inez Chetnam - Lover & A Friend
A4 Speedometer - Just keep on
A5 Frank Popp Ensamble - Breakaway
A6 MiniVip - Menage
B1 The Slow Shushy Boys - Slush Puppy
B2 Skeewiff - The spider
B3 Bronx River Parkway - Qui?nes Que Resolverio
B4 Spoon bender - Hot carrier
B5 Link Quartet - Italian Playboys

1) Alan Moorehouse - Beatcoma
(Chappel) storming library sound
2) Fred Hughes - Don't let it happen to us
(Brunswick) northern soul
3) Yvonne Fair - Say yeah yeah
(Dade) R&b / northern
4) Brand New Rhythm - Getting' Down
(BRN records) hot funk
5) Guy Morris - Hot pants party
(Tramp Records) deep funk
6) D. Glover / G.Crockett / G.Glover - Jazz Cat
(Chappel) storming library sound
7) Karminsky Experience feat. Rory More - Calhoon Road
(Karminsky) groovy hammond beat
8) Lefties Soul Connection - Bouning balls
(Olsky Records) deep funk
9) Funky Nassau - Look what you can get
(Henry Stone Music) latin funk
10) Pete Thomas - Funky Skunk
(Chappel Music) storming library sound
11) D. Glover / G.Crockett / G.Glover - Latin Soul Strutt
(Chappel) storming library sound
12) Minivip - Miss Augusta
(Record Kicks) hammond groove
13) Link Quartet - Spider baby
(Record Kicks) freaky hammond funk
14) Stoned Soul Picnic - Ain't gonna tell no one
(Soul Cookers) groovy funk
15) Dansettes - Oh my (feat. Jaime)
(Hammondbeat Records) R&b funk
16) Sweet Vandals - I've got you man
(Funkorama records) deep funk

1. Thirty Three - The New Mastersounds - (deep funk)
2. Dont Pretend - The Belles - (northern soul)
3. Boogaloo Le Bron - Lebron Brothers - (latin boogaloo)
4. Cards On The Table - The Diplomats - (R&b mod)
5. No Controlling Me - Baby Charles - (deep funk)
6. One Way Street - Little Ann - (northern soul)
7. She Lights My Fire - Osaka Monaurail - (deep funk)
8. You're Wasting My Time - Billy Ganrer - (deep funk)
9. Keep It Coming - Bobby Garrett - (northern soul)
10. Taking Over - Ralph Robles - (latin boogaloo)
11. They Say - The Ovations - (northern soul)
12. Ton Of Dynamite - Frankie Crocker - (deep funk)
13. Got To Get Me A Job - Ann Alford - (sister funk)
14. That's What I Want To Know - James Carr (northern)
15 Melao Para El Sapo ? Eddie Palmieri - (latin boogaloo)
16. Dynamite -The Harvey Averne Dozen - (latin boogaloo)
17. Papa's got a brand new bag - Sweet Vandals (funk)


Mortimer said...


Anonymous said...

really cool blog - I do some of your music multiply on my page..... Cheers and thanks. beazley.

Anonymous said...

but tracks nr. 9, 13, 14, 15 and 16 on vol. 1 are missing... any chance you could put those up?

Anonymous said...

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