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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The New Mastersounds New Album !!!

Here's a marriage made in heaven:
The New Mastersounds with Dionne Charles (from Baby Charles)

Here is an older post for bio and discography about The New Mastersounds
Here is an older post for bio and discography about Baby Charles

The New Mastersounds feat. Dionne Charles - Plug & Play (2008)

This is the new album from The New Mastersounds
Sexy Groovy Funky

You can't go wrong with that guys.Well, are you still here ?
Grab it now !!!

here is a small photo gallery about this album


Thad said...

Just picked this one up from Dusty Groove. Must-have!

Satan_My_Lord said...

grabbed it already...thanx ark!

monkeyboxing said...

yup it's pretty good tunewise and excellent production
best tracks for the monkey were:

hole in the bag
thermal bad
all we can do
king comforter

check monkeyboxing review for more!

Anonymous said...

link looks dead to me, any chance for a re-up?

Funkmaster said...


Anonymous said...

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I agree with you, specially if we're talking about this kind of musical marriage.All is about good music and they're sharing talent, anyway I will do my best effort to heard the older discography. j2j3

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