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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lack Of Afro

Press On (Freestyle 2007)

The first full LP from Lack Of Afro - a name that`s been showing up on a fair bit of funky singles over the past few years! The tunes here are very much in the same territory as those great singles - a slightly assembled approach to deep funk - one that features some live instrumentation mixed in with samples and programmed beats - all in a way that does a good job bridging funky modes of two different generations! Instrumentation includes a fair bit of Fender Rhodes, Hammond, and heavy percussion from Adam Gibbons, Mr Lack himself - and Eddie Roberts turns in some nice guitar work on a cover of The Artic Monkeys "When The Sun Goes Down". Other tracks include "Touch My Soul", "Rusty", "The Outside", "Pure Filth", "Roderigo", and " "Where It`s At".

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1.) Intro - (0:39)
2.) The Outsider - (3:47)
3.) Rusty - (3:57)
4.) Touch My Soul - (4:36)
5.) For You - (4:19)
6.) Pure Filth - (3:48)
7.) Wait A Minute - (4:41)
8.) Live At The Club - (3:38)
9.) Mongrel Strut - (4:50)
10.) When The Sun Goes Down - (3:31)
11.) Roderigo - (3:43)
12.) Where It`s At - (4:11)



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Anonymous said...

Awesome - and a big hit at my funk party last weekend! - d.

soul warrior said...

if i havent said so earlier (which i didnt)
this is one scorching album!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, you are a star. Your bogspot is my fav all the best funk, jazz, afrobeat and soul music. Taaaaa

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