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Thursday, March 6, 2008


Formed by breaks fanatic Miles Tackett, Breakestra is a constantly morphing hip-hop orchestra based in Los Angeles. The group came together in 1997-1997 around Tackett's DJ gigs at a coffeehouse. A multi-instrumentalist whose work on cello has appeared on recordings by B.B. King, Macy Gray, and Black Eyed Peas, Tackett was a funk fan who got into hip-hop during the late '80s -- courtesy of the Ultramagnetic classic Critical Beatdown -- when he realized it was keeping the funk flame alive.

A wish to play instrumental hip-hop in a band context brought the group together, and the band that became The Breakestra came together ,led by Tackett: Josh "Wallet" Cohen on drums, Geoff "Double G" Gallegos on sax and flute, Todd Simon and Paul Vargas on trumpet, Dan Osterman on trombone, Carlos Guaico on keys, Davy Chegwidden on percussion, Dan Ubick on guitar, Soulsister Demya and Mixmaster Wolf on vocals and Tackett himself on bass, upright cello and vocals. Their club night, Root Down, brought in crowds, along with the cream of the rap underground (Jurassic 5, Dilated Peoples, Company Flow, DJ Shadow, Freestyle Fellowship), and their first single, "Getcho Soul Togetha," appeared on Stones Throw in 1999.

That year also brought an intriguing demo called The Live Mix Tape -- including Breakestra covers of a host of deep funk classics -- but an official release (as The Live Mix, Pt. 1) waited until 2001 and only appeared in Japan. The second volume followed later that year, and was released on Stones Throw. In 2005 Breakestra recorded a single, Family Rap, featuring Chali 2na and Soup from Jurassic 5 and Double K from People Under the Stairs, and also released their third studio album, Hit the Floor, on Ubiquity Records, with a nearly entirely different lineup.

The Live Mix Part 1 (1999 Root Down (2) reissued it at 2004)

Notes:The first nine tracks are untitled, however the back of the CD list eight tracks (not numbered) :
Deep Gulley
Root Down
Little Old Money Maker
Fat Mama
Inner City Blues
40 Days
I Know You Got Soul

This is the real tracklist:

01 - deep gulley
02 - root down
03 - the little old money maker
04 - fat mama
05 - inner city blues
06 - chameleon
07 - 40 days
08 - i know you got soul
09 - soul power
10 - getcho soul togetha
11 - remember who you are
12 - sexy popcorn pot

The Live Mix Part 2 (Stones Throw Records 2000)

01 - Jagger the dagger
02 - Summer in the city
03 - Bubble gum04 - crosswind
05 - Kissed my baby07 - Space
08 - It´s teh jb´s monaurail
09 - t.l.c.10 - funky drummer
11 - crumbs off the table
12 - sister sanctfied
13 - hook´n sling
14 - sing a simple song
15 - sexy coffe pot
16 - i got love
17 - baby don´t cry
18 - inner city blues
19 - cramp your style
20 - champ
21 - hot pants i´m coming
22 - sad chicken
23 - remember who you are
24 - humpty dumpty
25 - burning spear
26 - showbizz interlude
27 - soul power
28 - getcho soul togheta pt 1
29 - getcho soul togheta pt 2

Hit The Floor (Ubiquity Records 2005)

While their debut album and legendary live shows predominantly paid homage to old school breaks n' beats gone by, "Hit The Floor" goes a step further as Breakestra create an album featuring all-original compositions and songs. From the call-out party vibe of the break-driven intro track "Stand Up" to the catchy blues-tinged "Hiding" and "Recognize", to the 60's vibe of the title track, "Hit The Floor" is a varied and accomplished sophomore album that will appeal to fans of Antibalas, Sharon Jones, and Quantic Soul Orchestra. Main man Miles Tackett and company perform regularly to capacity crowds along side such hip-hop luminaries as Jurassic 5, Dilated Peoples, Black Eyed Peas, Freestyle Fellowship, Company Flow, Cut Chemist, Nu-Mark, and DJ Shadow.

1. Stand Up!
2. Gotta Let Me Know
3. Hiding
4. Burgundy Blues
5. You Don't Need To Dance
6. The Gettin' To It
7. At The End Of The Day
8. Recognize
9. Keep On Playin'
10. See Sawing
11. Family Rap
12. How Do You Really Feel?
13. Show & Prove
14. Hit Tha Flo!

Deuces Up, Double Down" (Stones Throw Records- 2002)

1. Deuces Up, Double Down Pt. One
2. Humpty Dump
3. Deuces Up, Double Down Pt. Two
4. Funky Soul/16 Corners Medley (Live In Los Angeles, Sept. 2001)
5. Bonus Track

found on :

Stand Up E.P (Ubiquity Records 2006)

A1 Stand Up (Edit)
A2 Take My Time
A3 Stand Up (Instrumental)
B1 Hiding (Quantic Soul Orchestra Remix)
B2 Family Rap (Laid Back In The Rhodes Remix)

You Don't Need A Dance! / See Sawng (Ubiquity Records 2004)

You Don't Need A Dance! + Funkstrumental

A1 You Don't Need A Dance! (3:24)
A2 You Don't Need A Dance! (Funkstramental) (3:27)

See Sawng + Drumstrumental

B1 See Sawng (6:07)
B2 See Sawng (Instrumental) (3:20)

Family Rap (This Is The Sound) (Ubiquity Records 2005)

A1 Family Rap (This Is The Sound) (Xtended Mix - Vocal) (6:43)
Rap [Featuring] - Chali 2NA , Double K (2) , Soup (2)
A2 How Do They Really Feel (Cut Chemist Atkins Edit) (4:07)
Remix - Cut Chemist
B1 Family Rap (This Is The Sound) (Beats & Bass - Vocal) (5:06)
Rap [Featuring] - Chali 2NA , Double K (2) , Soup (2)
B2 Family Rap (This Is The Sound) (Instrumental) (5:06)


DONPASA said...

Top notch blog! Thanks for all the funky tunes.

Correction: Mixmaster Wolf is NOT Peanut Butter Wolf. Mixmaster Wolf is the big black dude with dreads while PB Wolf is a skinny whiteboy... and both are equally cool and down to earth cats!

Keep up the good work!

Also if its not too much trouble...can I please request Super Breaks: Essential Funk, Soul, & Jazz Samples and Breakbeats Vol. 1-3?

Bless up

flatsoul said...
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djsly said...

thanks for the breakestra trax there is no link for the you dont need a dance 12 can i t be fixed...thank in advance

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