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Friday, March 7, 2008

Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra

Antibalas (from the Spanish for "bulletproof") is the spirit of Afrobeat reincarnated as a hard-hitting collective of musicians in New York City. The group carries on the soul of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, founder of the unique Afrobeat sound, which unites highlife, jazz, funk, and traditional African elements with unabashed political messages. Antibalas-which means "anti-bullets" or "bullet-proof"-shoots out monstrous horns and bass layered over polyrhythmic beats coupled with furious lyrics inciting insurrection in English, Yoruba, and Spanish.

Antibalas formed in 1998 from members of Desco Records' Soul Providers and the Daktaris. They were quickly joined by like-minded New York musicians active in the worlds of jazz, rock, improvised music, and traditional drumming from Cuba and Brazil. The union of Latinos, whites, African Americans, Africans, and Asian Americans is based in Brooklyn, NYC.
Over the next few years, the band's presence grew; by summer 2000 Antibalas had released their first album "Liberation Afrobeat Vol. 1" and had toured twice in England, all the while continuing to play at venues throughout New York City. Recording with the group in the early day was Cameroonian drummer Jojo Kuo who can be heard on the studio recordings of "Uprising" and "Machete."

By early 2002, the horn-driven outfit had released their second album, "Talkatif," and were continuing to tour throughout the United States. In summer 2004, their third studio album, "Who is This America?" was released. Antibalas' most recent album, "Security", was produced by John McEntire and released on the ANTI- label in 2007.

With fifteen band members, Antibalas-which is run as a collective-cannot easily be described in a traditional biography. The group's players come from such diverse professional, cultural, and personal backgrounds that only a spray of bullets can shed light on the foundation of this musical insurrection.The group has received guest visits from several musicians from Fela Kuti's Afrika 70 and Egypt 80 bands, including Tony Allen (drums), Femi Kuti (alto sax), Seun Kuti (tenor sax), Tunde Williams (trumpet), Oghene Kologbo (guitar), Nicolas Addey (congas), Dele Sosimi (keyboards), Ola Jagun (drums/percussion), and Jojo Kuo (drums) among others.

Antibalas has performed in 23 countries, from Japan to Turkey to Portugal, throughout New York City, from Central Park Summerstage to Rikers Island prison facility.

Liberation Afrobeat Vol. 1 (2000, Afrosound, reissued by Ninja Tune in 2001)

1. Si, Se Puede
2. Dirt And Blood
3. Battle Of The Species
4. N.E.S.T.A. (Never Ever Submit To Authority)
5. Musicawi Silt
6. Uprising
7. El Machete
8. World War IV

Talkatif (2002, Ninja Tune)

1 Gabe's New Joint (4:17)
2 Talkatif (9:36)
3 Hypocrite (5:06)
4 World Without Fear (2:54)
5 War Is A Crime (7:55)
6 Nyash (7:01)
7 N.E.S.T.A. 75 (4:05)

p/w: oscarelli

Who is This America? (2004, Ropeadope)

01. Who Is This America Dem Speak Of Today? (11:59)
02. Pay Back Africa (8:23)
03. Indictment (5:38)
04. vBig Man (7:55)
05. Obanla'e (1:39)
06. Elephant (14:03)
07. Sister (19:14)

Security (2007, ANTI-)
01. Beaten Metal
02. Fillibuster XXX
03. Sanctuary
04. Hilo
05. War Hero
06. Ice
07. AGE


AMP said...

i caught these guys live in D.C. several years ago - amazing show!

flatsoul said...

I had also been in their appearance in juicy beats 10 festival in Dortmund ...they were fantastic!!

Audio File said...

check out the live concert on my blog!

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