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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mr. Confuse

Feel The Fire (Légère Recordings 2008)

Mr Confuse is a producer & DJ from Hannover/Germany. He is a record collector since 1993 and started DJing in 1999. After years of DJing and party promoting he started also producing music in 2004. In early 2005 he founded a producer team called Breakout. He came up with the idea of reworking the 80s classic “Planet Rock” by Afrika Bambaataa transforming it into a heavy funk tune. The tune was released on 7” and shortly after on 12” including also a jazzy version of “Planet Rock” regarding to the massive international attention in 2006/2007. In early 2007 the Breakout project split. In summer 2007 Breakout’s final 7” The Funky Goofball/Lyve Wire was released. 2007 remained a busy year. Mr. Confuse released three MixCDs (Catch The Beat, Confunktion and Brazilian Cuts) with different musical focus, followed by several compilation releases of his productions. In September 2008 Mr. Confuse full length solo album "Feel The Fire" was released on DLP, CD and digital. The album includes 14 songs. Two of the album songs are Cover versions of Debbie Deb’s Freestyle Classics “Lookout Weekend” and “When I Hear Music” in a heavy seventies Funk style. Lookout Weekend was also released as 12” Vinyl including Vocal, Instrumental, Accapella, Lack of Afro Remix and a Remix of the album song Groovin’ On The Spot by Mash & Munkee.

You got to check this incredible sound, i love this sound so much!


01.) Hurricane Jane (Introduction)
02.) Lookout Weekend
03.) Going Somewhere
04.) Balkan Funk
05.) It's Just A Blues
06.) Do It Right Now
07.) Lay It Down
08.) Feel The Fire
09.) En Movimiento
10.) Groovin' On The Spot
11.) The Groove Merchant
12.) When I Hear Music
13.) Imovel
14.) The Arrrgh Theme (Outroduction)


d.a said...

Love it!

Thank you all so much!

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would love to have this please re-up link!

daph said...

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unfortunately, the file was deleted...

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