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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dj Format

Fania DJ Series (Fania 2007)

Fania kicked off the DJ Series with the Gilles Peterson set, now the second release in the series features rising pioneer and vinyl fanatic Matt Ford, aka DJ Format, who has a rock-solid name as dj and remixer – from hip-hop to non-stop he is a firm favourite with b-boys, breakbeaters and hip dancefloor fans from Glastonbury to Fabric to Big Chill. Now his Fania DJ Series mix takes things deep into Latin New York, heavy on the Latin soul and boogaloo tip, hooky melodies, and 70s groove, all stamped with Format's singular style. His remix of Dave Cortez' Happy Soul With a Hook for Fania is already a hit with the vinyl junkies lucky enough to get hold of the limited edition 12" released earlier this year. This album is a full-on party set featuring rare tracks and deep classics which will appeal to fans of Format, Fania and anyone with a pulse - they know that the sound of Latin New York is what this summer is all about. Come and get it.


1.) Ali Baba-Louie Ramirez
2.) Right On-Ray Barretto
3.) Jive Samba-Jack Constanzo & Gerry Woo
4.) Deep-Quetcy Alma
5.) Black And Blue (Negros Y Azules)-Cholo Rivera And The Latin Soul Drivers
6.) Creation-The Latinaires
7.) Lebron Brothers-Lebron Brothers
8.) Kool It-Jimmy Sabater
9.) Society-The Latinaires
10.) New York Soul-Ray Barretto
11.) Johnny On The Warpath-Johnny Rivera And The Tequila Brass
12.) Be's That Way-Willie Bobo
13.) Freak Off-Orquestra Harlow
14.) Peter Peter-Pete Bonet
15.) Come And Get It-Eddie Palmieri & Cal Tjader
16.) You Need Help-Ronnie Marks
17.) Don't Squeeze The Peaches-Jack Constanzo & Gerry Woo
18.) Come And Get It-Ralph Robles
19.) Monkey See Monkey Do-New Swing Sextet
20.) Lazy Boogaloo-George Guzman
21.) Happy Soul With A Hook-Dave Cortez
22.) Safari-Tito Puente
23.) Electric-Latin Soul Flash And The Dynamics
24.) Harlem River Drive Theme-Harlem River Drive



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This looks to be great fun - thanks.

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